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How Many Barn Dances Does it Take to Start Liking Country Music?

Ah, a Greek life barn dance: a casual, country-themed date party where members of Greek life can dress in comfortable attire and get drunk in the boondocks of good ol’ Ypsi. But how many barn dances does it take to truly start liking county music? Upon surveying seniors who’ve attended a ridiculous amount of barn dances throughout their four-year span at the University of Michigan, the average number was five. So, starting with the first barn dance all the way to the most recent, we’ve broken down what goes through every country-music convert’s head. 

5.) This music is the worst:
You begin your experience as a wide-eyed freshman who loves “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea and Ke$ha’s “Timber.” The closest thing to country music you’ve somewhat enjoyed was “Wagon Wheel,” and that’s only because tailgates gave you no choice but to listen to it. You’re so excited for your first barn dance, but you know the music will be the worst. How will you hook up with your date when “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line is playing in the background? Talk about killing the mood.

4) OK, I’ve expanded my country music range: 
You only attended one barn dance your freshman year and you survived, but barely. The experience was a little bit better than anticipated and the six shots of strawberry-lemonade Svedka at the pregame helped a ton. There was a new DJ this year who opened your ears to “House Party” by Sam Hunt. The song isn’t aggressively country and you soon learned that even the worst things can surprise you with some good.

3.) Two barn dances in two weeks???:
Ugh, two nights of flannels and country music? It sounds like hell, but you’re really into your date so you go anyway. At this point you know what to expect – a hot date and a shitty playlist. Lucky for you, your date splurged and bought you some Tito’s, so the night is already off to a great start. While you’re out on the dance floor, you hear a familiar tune that once brought you misery, but now you can’t help but enjoy the song. Luke Bryan asked you to shake it for him? You moved those hips without hesitation.

2.) So help me God, I’m slowly but surely starting to like this genre of music: 
After the third barn dance you realized the potential the genre held. You preset the local country radio stations in your car and began listening to all the mainstream hits. It may have only been a station you listened to when all the others were clogged with commercials, but you began to dig it. By the time your fourth barn dance rolled around, you weren’t dreading it and looked forward to finally enjoying a night on the farm.

Your senior year creeped up on you, but you didn’t even notice because you were so busy listening to country music. Over the summer, you attended the Faster Horses festival and bought over $100 worth of country albums. You waited the whole year for your last barn dance ever because you knew it would be the best night of your life. “Body Like a Backroad” made its debut at the pregame and you swayed to the music while sipping on your Jack Daniels. You ended your night on the dance floor of the barn stomping your cowboy boots and screaming the lyrics to “T-Shirt” by Thomas Rhett. Country music changed your life for the better, and you owe it all to barn dance.

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