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Can We All Agree Communications Is the Worst Major at Michigan?

Ah, communications: constantly hailed as Michigan’s cop-out major, “house wife” major, “I-don’t-know-what-the-fuck-is-going-on” major, “I’m a freshman” major, and the “I want an easy A major.” There’s a major at every college that is stereotyped to be the “easy one” and time and time again, that major is Comm. But, the worst major at Michigan, the most underratedly-hard major at Michigan? It’s Comm. 

You decide to take Comm 101 because you want a break in your day. Or maybe because it seems interesting and you don’t know what you want to do. And then you get there, and … it’s the opposite of simple.

Before you judge based on the name “communications” or perhaps the wide array of sorority girls filling up every Comm 101 lecture, here’s an accurate comparisons: walking into a communications lecture hall is literally walking into the gates of hell. Satan greets you, teases you with the promise of an A, and, hell, you believe him. And, before it’s too late, you leave with a B.

What is prided on being EASY, SIMPLE, FUN, and A “BREEZE-THROUGH” COURSE is literally none of these these things. None. Of. Them. At every university, Comm is said to be the easiest major, and the one people choose when they literally have no idea what they’d rather do with their lives. But at Michigan? That’s just not the case.

But why? Why dear, Schlissel—why can’t this university have one freaking major that has simple classes designed to helping us get ahead? Why is the University of Michigan literally not synonymous with “blow-off course” or “easy major”? Why do the engineers call LSA LS & PLAY? There is NO nap time in LSA (Not sure about Ross though, ask your frat boy friend). There’s no breaks. No cop outs. No blow off courses. NOT EVEN COMM.

ASK ANYONE, and it’s guaranteed they’ll mention a few times they went to office hours for a COMM PREREQUISITE COURSE. Or actually traded a night out for studying FOR COMM. Ask anyone about their study guides, their Chegg accounts, their underground cheating methods—because they all exist. Because Comm isn’t easy.

And what makes it harder is that everyone still thinks it’s easy. Everyone still makes fun of it, because from the outside, that’s what we do! We make fun of communications majors because they’re easy targets. But before you judge just remember to never judge a communications book by it’s cover. EVER.

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