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5 Couples Costumes for Those Not Calling Themselves a ‘Couple’

Since everyone knows the only thing spookier than Halloween is commitment, The Black Sheep has decided to give those people who are “just hooking up” and “not ready for labels” some couples costumes options to stay in touch with the holiday atmosphere. Try out some of these options and you’ll be sure to avoid any form of Halloween awkwardness with your casual hookup!

5.) Jim Harbaugh and Crazed Michigan Fan:
Just like Jim doesn’t really care about each individual fan of his football team during a game, your casual hookup probably doesn’t care that much about you. A twist on the Jim and football player costume, you’re just watching Jim from the sidelines. Perfect for the clingy girl who gets attached but tries to play it cool the whole time, you can just uncomfortably follow Jim around all night until he finally tells you, “Stop telling people we’re dating, we hooked up once on a gameday for 15 seconds.”

4.) Hunter and Cop:
Maybe a hunter and a cop don’t interact on a daily basis and this combo isn’t as cute as the “Hunter and Hunted” look where the guy wears all camo and the girl is a cheetah. And it might not be as good as the “Cop and Criminal” look, but listen: the cop is usually trying to chase down the hunter, which definitely gives off the vibe of “I’m into you, but you’re probably not really thinking about me.” Maybe hunting is legal, maybe it’s not (who actually knows?), but the cop is probably on the hunt for the hunter, just like you’re on the hunt for a someone who is actually willing to commit to something with labels!

3.) Shark and Pirate:
Captain Hook and Jack Sparrow never interacted with sharks throughout their respective movies, but that shark does exist somewhere in the water. Just like you’re probably not a relevant person in your casual hookups life (none of his friends know who you are; he refuses to take you to a date party because its “poor booty call form”), keep laying low in the depths of this weird relationship abyss. Whip out your best Jaws impression as your not-not-significant other gets to look dashing in a puffy shirt, and avoid turning your look into a “beached whale.”

2.) Edward Cullen and Bella Swan:
If you’ve ever seen the Twilight series, you know how ridiculously uncomfortable Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are around each other. Even though this is a fully-romantic relationship, the discomfort between these two is so tangible it will go great with your not-not-significant other because you two probably want to discuss what you are almost as much as Edward and Bella can actually utter normal human phrases around each other. Channel your really awkward “dead inside” aesthetic and bring it out because, by the end of the night, you’ll truly regret it all.

1.) Jock and Nerd:
Just like the jock and nerd didn’t interact in high school until the jock realizes they’re failing pre-algebra and require the skills of the nerd, your hookup doesn’t text you until it’s 2 a.m. and they’ve got nothing better to do. Basically, wear two very separate costumes and don’t interact the whole night until the very end because you know that’s what will happen anyways. Who says high school stereotypes are dead?

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