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Frats Claim They’re Living Out Black Mirror ‘IFC Suspension’ Episode

With episodes consisting of disturbing and bizarre storylines, Black Mirror has attracted students from Michigan and beyond to watch it regularly on Netflix. Recently, bingers from the University of Michigan–most who’ve been high as a kite while watching–experienced a Black Mirror episode of their own: the IFC suspension. 

Fraternity members have claimed that not having frat parties made them feel they were in an alternate universe in the not-so-distant future, and they didn’t like it. Chad, a member of one of the most highly recognized fraternity chapters, was the first to speak up about the issue.

“Bro, all I know is that I didn’t feel like myself during the suspension months,” Chad said. “A college without Greek life isn’t a college at all. And because we weren’t the only school on suspension, I felt like things were going downhill fast and I wasn’t ready for it.

“How isn’t this like Black Mirror? A society where Greek life no longer exists, kids go broke from going to bars every weekend, and only brothers are allowed to get piss-drunk in the house? Sounds pretty fucked up to me. I cry during every episode of Black Mirror because they’re so scary, and I’m man enough to say that I cried every day during the suspension.”

It’s clear this issue has taken its toll on Michigan students. Drinking habits on the weekends seem to be the only thing that gets them through the insanely difficult classes they are taking. Without frat parties, Natty Light, and Kamchatka, students were seemingly lost.

Not only were fraternity members affected by this issue, but sorority members also “felt shook.” A sorority girl, who wishes to remain anonymous, spoke about how it affected her and her entire chapter.

“It was really hard,” the sorority girl said. “My dad doesn’t know I have a fake ID so I had to spend my own money at the bars instead of using his credit card, and now I’m so broke I might have to actually get a job. It’s so messed up!

“Nothing felt normal during this whole thing. I mean, a world where men were held accountable for their actions? That’s something that hardly ever happens today, and I had no idea it would have such a strong effect on my life. I would say this experience was worse than anything one would encounter in an episode of Black Mirror.

Although this suspension put many students in a state of distress, many are back and feeling better now and happy the suspension wasn’t indefinite.

Yet, there are some still disturbed and recovering from the past events.

“I know it could have been worse, but damn, I’ve been a mess these past few months,” Chad said. “Even though this whole thing felt like an episode of Black Mirror, I’m glad it wasn’t. I feel blessed to still attend a university with Greek life.”

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