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Hash Bash 2018 Went Really Great If You Know What I Mean, Hahahaha

Ann Arbor — Hash Bash 2018 was on cloud nine—hahahahah—last weekend in Ann Arbor, sources, including my buddy Ryan, said.  

There was, like, lots of great people and plenty of good vibes, and, no joke, there was this dude who had this four-foot bong and was totally chill with anybody just going up to it and taking a rip. 

Some people, including this like, incredibly chill girl from the UP, said this was their first Hash Bash, while others, like this crazy, but super considerate guy who drove down from Traverse City that morning, said they’d been coming down for years, which, like, wow, that says a lot about a guy. 

“Hash Bash was a great time,” said my friend Ryan when we were back at his house later in the day. “Whenever you get a bunch of like-minded people in one area and can do so peacefully and orderly, it really speaks to the testament of legalizing marijuana not only in Michigan, but throughout the country.

“Dude, I hope you got all that down, I sounded like a professor, hahahaha. Wanna hit this?” 

What’s really cool was that there was, like, no people arrested, which is especially great given the fact that weed is technically illegal in Michigan—besides medicinally, but we all have glaucoma now and then, right? hahaha—and the cops, despite them being fuckin’ pigs most of the time, were actually pretty freakin’ chill and that made us pretty chill, too. 

After that dude with the four-foot bong, whose name was like Allen or Jake or something like that, let me hit whatever wild stuff was in there, many began seeing a UFO flying over us, but we found out later some dude was flying a camera drone over us so he could upload a video about Hash Bash to YouTube later. 

While most people took a while to stop geeking out about it—I swear to God this lady screamed, “Oh shit! This is like Blade Runner, futuristic police shit going on!”—many attendees resumed their activities shortly after, returning to these gummi edibles that seemed to make their way around to everyone. And, honestly, I was still feeling those on Sunday, no joke. 

All in all, a dope Hash Bash and looking forward to all the stuff that’ll go down at next year’s. 4/20, blaze up, my dudes. 


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