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Law Quad Construction ‘Totally Destroying Fall Aesthetic’ Sororities Claim

Michigan’s Law Quad, a notable building on Ann Arbor’s campus, was, until this fall, a place where sorority girls and students alike passed on their daily walks to class, filling their Snapchat stories and Instagram feeds with pictures of the Law Quad featuring a sparkling Michigan autumn.

All of that was before something that has halted the entire campus: construction, which stirred the emotional distress of girls initially in the basement of Theta Beta Pie.

Chad Lang, a sophomore living in the frat house, recalls the moment vividly.

“We were all dancing to our normal playlist of party bangers, when out of nowhere some girl started screaming,” Lang said. “None of us knew what to do, so we just kept dancing.”

Kate Lively, a fellow sorority sister of the girl who had the breakdown (who wished to remain anonymous because she was worried the event could affect her social media clout), said she knew breakdowns were coming, but didn’t expect them to be so soon. 

“She had been anxious about this since we noticed the construction wasn’t finished and the leaves started to change,” Lively said. “She puts a lot of thought and care into her social media posts and she feels a high amount of pressure to impress her 1,257 followers.”

When the construction began, students could no longer take a shortcut from Ross to The Union, and sorority girls could no longer take pictures for their social media accounts to complete their fall aesthetic. Soon thereafter, the University of Michigan had no choice but to declare a state of emergency due to the abnormal amount of mental breakdowns that were occurring between young women of all sororities all over Ann Arbor.

The case soon became known as the, “Aesthetic Ailment.” It was first reported when the first leaf on campus changed color and Susie Boosey, a member of the sorority Kappa Tappa Kegga, broke down on her walk to class. She can still remember what happened and the feelings she felt in that moment.

“It was the end of September and I was enjoying my walk to class with my sisters,” Boosey recalled. “Out of the corner of my eye, I remember seeing a bright red leaf and immediately going into a panic. I’m a junior at this school and every fall I look forward to taking pictures of the Law Quad so I can brag about going to such a pretty–and expensive–university.”

Sorority girls may be upset about this, but some of their social media followers are not. Upon reaching out to Chad Lang, who is also a popular frat boy among sorority girls, he said he is more than happy about the construction.

“Ya know, I don’t really know what they’re working on at the Law Quad, but I’m glad they are,” Lang said. “I hate only seeing the same picture over and over again on my Snapchat story. I pass that place everyday and it always looks the same. I really don’t understand the hype around a “fall aesthetic,” but then again, I don’t really understand girls.”

The construction is primarily cosmetic and is anticipated to be finished by the end of this fall of 2017, hopefully in time for sorority girls to contribute it to their winter aesthetic.

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