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Sorority Girl Dropped for Wearing Leggings That Aren’t Lululemon

On Wednesday, Katie Hanson was dropped from her Alpha Apple Psi chapter because she was seen wearing non-Lululemon leggings that cost less than $30.

The leggings, purchased at Target, did not include the standard Luluemon logo expected on all active wear from sorority members, and even though Hanson still sported a Canada Goose jacket and Hunter rain boots, she was still removed from the sorority. Though she thought the latter two brands would show everyone she came from a upper-middle class family, others, including those responsible for ousting Hanson, did not agree. 

“I’m still in shock, honestly,” Hanson said. “I bought the leggings because they were cute. I would have never guessed such a small purchase would ruin my life and entire college experience.

“Did I tell you Brad won’t even talk to me? I get that I’m no longer a member of Greek life, but like, GDIs are people too, you know?”

Even though she hosted a burning ceremony for the leggings and invited everyone fom the chapter, Vicky Visa, president of the Alpha Apple Psi chapter at Michigan, still refuses to allow Hanson back into the chapter.

“Listen, we have an image to uphold,” Visa said. “Although Katie was our philanthropy chair and raised more money for our cause–bringing fashion to the poor–than anyone in the chapter combined, the fact remains: she bought leggings from Target. It was an embarrassment to our chapter.”

Visa also insisted that Hanson will never be allowed back in the chapter ever again, even if she were to promise to only buy Lululemons for the rest of her life.

“When she went through our pledging ceremony, the brands that are acceptable to wear are clearly stated in our by-laws,” Visa said. “She knew what she was doing and she did it anyway. I have no sympathy for her and neither does the chapter.”

Upon reaching out to some former alumni of Alpha Apple Pi, the issue at hand seemed to be taken quite seriously. 

“Vicky made a very smart call by removing Katie from the chapter,” said Courntey Jones, an Apple Pi alumnus and proud trophy wife. “Our image is the most important part of being a member, and if Katie couldn’t understand that, she didn’t deserve to be an Apple Pi.

“The brands we choose to represent our chapter are selected very carefully. We choose the best brand to represent the best girls, and apparently, Katie was not one of them.”

Although Hanson is working on finding new friends she doesn’t have to pay for, she still struggles with the rejection.

“It’s hard, but it’s getting better,” Hanson said. Though she says a certain brand of pants wouldn’t dictate her life, she says she will never go back to leggings from Target again. 

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