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A Spooky Map of the Scariest Places in Ann Arbor

Halloween as Wolverines is our favorite excuse to drink eight nights in a row for the first time since Ye Old Welcome Week, dress up in as everything we’ve ever wanted to be (yes, most sorority girls do actually want to be cats, contrary to popular belief), and have an all around ~spooky~ time. What better way to celebrate than to commemorate the scariest places in Ann Arbor: 

5.) First Methodist Church of AA:
In case you needed one more reason to avoid going to church, rumor has it there was a ghost living in the First Methodist Church of Ann Arbor in the 1950s. Unfortunately, this “ghost” turned out to be your not-so-classic-squatter: a failed UMich engineering student who lived in the Church’s attic for FOUR WHOLE YEARS. Don’t know which is scarier: the fact that a failed engineering student lived undetected in a church for four years, or the fact that he voluntarily chose to be an engineering student.The next time your friend complains that they’re dropping out of the university, tell them to pull a David Lim instead.

4.) Basement of MLB:
Maybe you never had a class here, or maybe you were really confused when you looked at your schedule and realized that yes, your discussion is in a basement of the “modern language building” even though you don’t even know what a modern language is. Either way, you’re probably aware that the MLB basement is the breeding ground of some spooky shit. The haunted house that is the MLB basement is distinguished by its luxurious low ceilings, lack of windows, and overall depressing vibes. If a body was discovered in any academic building, it would definitely be the MLB basement.

3.) Shady Fraternity:
Everyone and their mother is shocked that this building hasn’t been condemned already. Shady looks like it belongs in a war-torn, third-world country, or maybe at MSU. Rumor has it that Shady has a house cat (a black cat would be fitting) but unsure if that means it’s dead or alive. The Black Sheep is offering a monetary award for proof of life, or proof of a ghost cat.

2.) The Depths of Packard:
Just think about it—have you ever heard about anything good happening in the depths of Packard? Of course not. The notorious man in a red bandana committed multiple armed robberies, an obscure cult promoting rape culture was rumored to have a mass meeting/riot there, and the creepy clowns that terrorized the world during 2016 made a guest appearance, because why not add creepy ass clowns to the mix. This area is 100% cursed, so steer clear or enter at your own risk.

1.) The Stacks:
Here lies the souls of thousands of students who “literally died” while studying for their exams. The ghosts of the stacks can be identified by their faint smell of coffee and regret, and the sound of rattling Adderall pill bottles. If you listen closely enough, you can hear the moans of the stack’s ghosts—or is that just students doing it? Either way it’s pretty damn disturbing.

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