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8 Ways to Spot a Fake Irish Person at a St. Fratty’s Darty

While it’s a holiday for all to celebrate, there are still snakes out there on St. Fratty’s Day. With nearly everyone wearing shirts that say “Kiss Me, I’m Irish,” how can you believe anything people say to you this Saturday? You can’t trust anyone, especially those covered in body glitter. Keep your eyes out for these scammers by following our steps. Stay safe out there.  

8.) They sing along confidently to “Galway Girl” by Ed Sheeran:
No real Irish person would ever commit such a crime. Five bucks says the person singing this song out loud is blonde and wearing flash tats.

7.) They’re drinking a Natty Daddy:
With imported Guinness and Franzia as selections on the drink table, too, and they choose this disgrace of this “beer”? They’re not to be trusted.

6.) They’re not sunburned:
If this suspect isn’t growing more pink by the minute, you’ve spotted a fake.

5.) They’re on a low-carb diet:
There’s no way this person is Irish. In the land of potatoes, beer-battered fish n’ chips, and thick beer, there’s no time for dieting. Avoid them at all costs.

4.) They started their Saturday chasing shots with coffee, not tea:
This person chased their first Bailey’s shot of the day with coffee, which is super delicious, but also very questionable.

3.) They didn’t go to Catholic school:
If they didn’t go through a school system laced with religion, they’re not to be trusted. Their family would never allow them to attend anything but.

2.) They’re not joking around:
Watch your person-in-question closely. Are they tossing in puns and jokes to ease any social situation? Are they talking really fast? If you answered no to one or both of those, run.  

1.) They won’t be at Conor O’Neill’s Saturday morning:
They’re putting in their sleep before getting trashed in a non-authentic Irish bar with everyone in Ann Arbor at 6 a.m. Don’t talk to the late arrivers. 

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