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U of M to Add New Undergrad Program in Rap & Hip-Hop


ANN ARBOR, MI – The University of Michigan will offer a new major course of study this upcoming fall, and it comes by popular demand from the student body. Due to a recently successful petition and a campaign from the student organization known as “Young Money Cash Money Students in Debt,” or YMCMSD, there will now be a Rap & Hip-Hop major.




This new addition to the School of Music, Theater & Dance (SMTD), was developed by Music professor Funk E. Davis and Dance professor Nae Nae Roberts, in collaboration with honorary faculty members Marshall Mathers, better known by his stage name “Eminem,” and Sean M.L. Anderson, or Big Sean. Both local Detroit rap superstars will be heavily involved in the direction of the program. Mathers, 43, will serve as department chair after he retires from rapping this summer.


“I’ve always been very interested in education, even though I dropped out of high school when I was 17,” said Mathers. “And I’m getting too old for this rapping stuff. I figured I’d pass on the torch to some young Slim Shadys and give them all the knowledge I got from my years in the game. I think I can help a lot. Do I think I should be allowed to mold young minds? Probs not, I’m crazy. But Schlissel’s the homie.”




As for the actual curriculum, students will study General Rap History, in classes such as: Is Tupac Still Alive? 107. Also offered: The Science of the Posse, and specifically: Should Your Drug Guy be the Same as Your Fall Guy? 235 – where students will look at scenarios of how to not get arrested. Although these classes “are an integral part of any rap education,” says Professor Funk E. Davis, “students will mostly focus on developing their own unique persona, writing lyrics, creating beats, and all around just being total hood rats.”


It’s not all fun and games though. Each student is required to drop a mixtape after sophomore year, a music video after their junior year, and to end their senior career — release a full independent album on iTunes as their final capstone project.


“It’s been far too long already that higher education has refused to acknowledge this budding industry,” said University President Mark Schlissel. “People may look at this as something superfluous or an unwise major choice, but we support our students in all their endeavors and want them to be as dope as possible. I like rap, personally. Biggie Smalls, Snoop Dogg, and Lil Dicky are some of my favorites.”


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 1.40.44 PM


More offered classes:

-Stage Presence 409: Mic Drops, Stage Dives, and Crowd Interaction


-Let Haters be Your Motivators 102: Negative Voices on Social Media & In da Club


-East Side vs. West Side 157: What is Beef and How Did It Start?


-Rhyming and Timing 380


-Art of the Rap Battle 218


-Baes and Side Baes 660: Separating Gold-Diggers from Wife Material and Finding True Love


-Guns, Body Guards and Physical Protection 450


-Rap Business 242: Finding Good Management and Who to Trust


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