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5 Things You Won’t Miss About UMN Over Winter Break

After the hell that is finals week (or probably the entire semester if we’re being honest), we lowly students get a reprieve from papers, weekly homework assignments, and crying under the influence of crushing hopelessness at least once every few days. We all like the U, and there are definitely things we’re going to miss over winter break, like seeing our friends every day and laughing at people slipping on ice. Though, it’s not too hard to think of the shittier things about campus that we’re not going to mind getting away from for a few weeks.

5.) Taking at Least 15 Minutes to Get Anywhere:
Most of the time, taking 15 minutes to get to a class on this massive campus isn’t that much fun. It’s made worse in the winter when trekking to your 8 a.m. class is just like journeying across a barren tundra. It doesn’t matter where you live, there will always be some place you have to go that is at least 15 minutes away, and you will be frozen by the time you get there. From Superblock to Nicholson, Dinky to Moos, or Seven Corners to Pillsbury, we’ll all be glad to have a break from those miserable hikes.

4.) The Connectors Being Late All The Time:
Of course, taking the Campus Connector, 4th Street Circulator, or the University Avenue Circulator are all viable options for speedy transport around this giant-ass campus. Or are they? If you regularly ride the Connector and have never experienced a delay, you’re lying. The schedule is fucked all the time but never quite fucked conveniently in your favor. At least when you go home, you’ll probably have access to a car or someone to take you places. Hopefully they’re not always 15 minutes late too.

3.) UDS:
UDS is everywhere. Even if you don’t live in a res hall anymore, you can still be affected by its unhealthy fats, “salads” and mystery masses it calls meat. Panda Express, Chick-fil-A, Erbs & Gerbs, and all our other favorite restaurants in CMU are in cahoots with UDS – and it shows. Panda Express isn’t even that good, and yet we keep going for a Panda Bowl with orange chicken. When you’re off campus, you’ll be able to escape the mediocre-at-best foodstuffs constantly hawked by our friends at UDS.

2.) Waiting Forever to do Laundry:
Besides being in debt and crying a lot, another pretty universal theme of college is never being able to do laundry when you want to. Unless you’re those scrubs who live in Yudof or some shit with a washer and dryer IN YOUR UNIT, you must suffer at the hands of the laundry gods. Pio, Comstock, Dinnaken… if you live in any such fantastic building that has a limited number of machines per person, you’ll have to wait around for a dryer or deal with anonymous weirdos that dump your shit on the floor. If you have the luxury of a washer and dryer wherever you’re going over break, don’t take it for granted.

1.) Cold So Bitter Your Eyeballs Freeze:
If you’re going somewhere else in Minnesota over break, this one may not apply. Regardless, we’ll be thanking our lucky stars we don’t have academic obligations that cause us to slog to class in weather that’s 15 below with a wind chill of negative 40. As an added bonus, our parents’ houses have CENTRAL HEATING, which makes it great when you come back in from taking your dog for a five-minute walk.

Everything has its pros and cons, and our favorite campus is no different. While we enjoy the upcoming few weeks of exam-free bliss, we can get away from the shitty things at the U that become an unfortunate part of our daily routine. Getting away from campus will do us all some good.


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