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Top 5 UMN Tinder Date Locations for Ideal Crowdedness and Escapability

Tinder is an inescapable hellhole and we all know it, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. And once you get past awkwardly messaging your potential date/hookup, you’re going to need a place to meet up in public so that you know if you like them, if you’re compatible, and if they’re not a creepy weirdo who’s going to reenact the plot of Psycho. You know, the typical stuff. So here’s some Tinder date locations near campus for the best noise level, crowd amount, and maximum escape routes.

5.) Starbucks in Dinky:
Starbucks in Dinky is decent, but that’s about it. It’s busy and public, but you can never find a table in that place, and even when you can it’s small and cramped. It’s not exactly ideal for meeting up with someone you’ve never met up with until now. Scrunched together might work for you if you don’t care about possibly getting to play the part of the girl in the shower scene, but for most of us a little distance to start things off is preferred.

4.) Coffman Union:
Coffman is definitely the place where dreams go to die, but it’s a central location that has a lot of food options and is super, super public. If you’re kidnapped from Coffman, someone’s gonna notice. Also, if the date is more awkward than creepy, you can always just duck out by saying you have to stop at the bookstore. An added bonus? Your Tinder date won’t know what neighborhood you live in if you ask to meet up here.

3.) Tim Horton’s:
Tim Horton’s is like the anti-Starbucks. It’s in Dinky but super close to campus, and always has a ton of tables open. Still, there are a few people hanging out and doing homework so it’s not like you’ll have the place to yourself. You might want the place to yourself, but in that case just invite your Tinder hookup to your apartment, everything else be damned. The downside is that Tim Horton’s coffee tastes like sludge, but you can always get a donut instead if you’re not too afraid of judgment from your date.

2.) Black Coffee and Waffle Bar:
This one’s a little further from campus, but hey, you can test your date’s determination to see you if you schedule a date here during a snowstorm. A little pricier than going out for coffee, this one should be for the Tinder dates you really want to work out. It’s less escapable than the others, but equally as public, and will probably be packed. If you’re feeling the awkward heat, just make up a phone call emergency about your dog having diabetes–sounds like a real tearjerker of a cover story.

1.) Purple Onion:
Purple Onion is a best of all worlds. It has decent coffee, and you can down that fast if your date shows you their collection of worms or a video of dolphins having sex or anything equally weird and creepy that Tinder dates do. Or, if it’s working out, you can order lunch there and keep the date going! It’s public, close to campus, and even if it sometimes gets a little too busy, it’s in decent walking distance of most everything. Including your apartment, in case the date is going really well, but that’s advice for a different article.

Whether you’re trying to escape your awkward date, or fast-track it to the next level, these date locations are sure to help. 

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