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Wow! This Leadership Minor Is Staying Way Ahead Of The Curve By Applying For Unemployment Checks As A Sophomore!

Anita Wu, 19, knew that when she chose to major in individualized studies and minor in leadership, her post-grad employment odds wouldn’t be great. That’s when she made the extraordinary decision to get ahead of the game by registering for unemployment checks this August. We sat down with this extraordinary woman to get her story.

The Black Sheep: Anita! First of all, why did you make the decision to major in Individualized Studies?

Anita: Well, in my leadership class, they told us that leaders make decisions. Like, think about how many decisions Obama must make every single day. So, after about a week in the leadership class, I opened up the UMN majors tab on the website, closed my eyes, and picked one. That was a decision, like a leadership decision. That’s how I became a leader.

TBS: Okay. How did you come up with the idea to apply for unemployment?

A: So, a couple of the girls in my sorority who had also minored in leadership came back to live at the house because they were so poor. They couldn’t even afford the newest launch from Rihanna’s lingerie line. So, I knew that was not going to me, and I looked up how to get unemployment. Free money is better than no money!

TBS: What kind of career do you envision yourself having in the future? Do you think you will ever do anything to contribute to society?

A: I think I see myself as a leader, an independent leader. I think that, through my leadership courses, I’ve learned that if I whine and bitch at people long enough, they’ll give me what I want.

TBS: Who hurt you? No, seriously. You are the reason people hate young people. You, specifically. We need a new plague for people like you.

A: Thank you so much. Can I put this on my resumé? The only thing that’s on there right now is that I graduated high school and my leadership minor.

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