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A UMN Spooky Map of the Most Haunted Places on Campus

Have nothing to do this Halloween? Instead of going out to a bar jam-packed with stinky people in half-assed costumes, pay a visit to some of the haunted spots on campus. The U has quite a few, and The Black Sheep has compiled them into one handy-dandy list, complete with lore. Get spooked:

6.) Bruininks Hall:
Bruininks may be one of the newest buildings on campus, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t haunted. This shiny gem of a building was built on the site of an ancient burial ground, and the spirits are PISSED. Well, maybe not, since the phantom smell of pot has been in the elevator since the dawn of BruH’s existence. The terrible ghosts are probably pretty chill, actually.

5.) Folwell Hall:
While inebriated on Frat Row, it is nearly impossible to distinguish Folwell from an old sanitorium. Interestingly enough, the foundation level of Folwell is where American Horror Story: Asylum was filmed. No one noticed the screams because there were too many coming from the classrooms anyway. Only some of them were from the frustrated foreign language students; the rest are ghosts that everyone has gotten used to by now.

4.) Mayo Building:
In the maze that is Mayo (and its Additions, if you’re gonna be technical) there are several sinister departments. This includes the morgue, department of experimental surgery, and the infectious diseases research division. Of course, this means spooky stuff runs rampant in the seemingly infinite number of corridors in the decrepit basement. In addition to the ghosts of the people who got killed by mad scientists, there are also escaped reanimated corpses shambling about. Going down there alone is just like playing a dungeon crawler in the comfort of your basement, but if you die in Mayo you don’t have to take your midterms anymore.

3.) Pioneer Hall:
This rambling crapshoot of a dorm is a residence hall for more than freshmen. Although Pioneer is empty of living, breathing residents while it’s being renovated, construction workers constantly complain of phantom barf smell and maniacal laughter from rooms at the end of the hall. The dudes from Ghost Hunters were gonna hit up Pio for a night, but chickened out, complaining of an overwhelming sense of procrastination after setting foot inside. 

2.) Andersen Library:
Deep underneath the bluffs of the Mississippi River, two mysterious caverns full of ancient archives and manuscripts wait patiently to be used for some obscure research project. Only select archivists are allowed to handle these valuable documents and the clumsy buffoons who wreck them disappear. Rumors tell of the bodies of these unfortunate folk being preserved in the mild climate of the limestone, although no one has ever seen them. Some who work in the caverns say they have seen boxes of census documents fall when no one else is around…

1.) Eddy Hall:
Abandon hope, all ye who enter Eddy. The oldest building on campus is now abandoned… or is it? Back in biblical times, Eddy was home to the fledgling engineering and math departments. Inevitably, there were several students who were driven mad by the prospect of doing long calculations that had never before been attempted. Also, computers didn’t exist yet. Their restless spirits still wander the rooms of Eddy, waiting for some idiot urban explorer to prey upon. Since it’s been empty, those who enter have never been seen again, joining the ranks of an agitated spectral nerd army.

Why drink when you can get chased by ghosts? Instead of being harassed by people with sheets over their heads, experience the real deal. Your friends will love being dragged to haunted places, we promise.


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