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11 Surefire Ways to Completely Piss Off Mizzou Students

We at The Black Sheep like to think our university is well tamed, likable, even respectable, but sometimes y’all bastards get pissed off about the dumbest shit. So, what really grinds our gears? Well, we’ll tell ya. If you’re looking to start trouble, here are 11 surefire ways to piss off Mizzou students. 

11.) Saying the M and the U are backwards in MU:
We KNOW!!! But Michigan also has an M and a U and they got first dibs, so stfu.

10.) Asking us if, “Everything’s all right on campus?”:
It was fall 2015 people, and no one died. We don’t know why anyone wouldn’t be “all right?” You weren’t there, so don’t listen to everything you heard on the news. We are Tigers, and we are proud!

9.) Getting, “Oh so then you’re a J-school student, right?” every time you say go to Mizzou:
No, bitch… there are other majors. Not all 32,000 of us could possibly be journalism students. Use your head.

8.) Assuming we are from anywhere but the middle of The United States:
We are fully aware it gets hot here, but it’s also fucking cold too. Hell, it snowed the first day of spring last year. BUT, by no means, is Missouri in the south (regardless of the SEC), or the north. Get a map y’all!

7.) Asking “What the hell happened to your sports teams?”:
We don’t know either man, we don’t know either. It’s a shit show, yes, but we can’t do shit about it but sit around and try not to watch.

6.) Gawking at ONLY our nice athletic equipment…:
For your information, there are much prettier, more historical things to revel about on this campus elsewhere.

5.) Laughing at our “overdone” homecoming:
Okay, well, when your university has the first ever… then you can come talk to us. Give us the bragging rights for this one. In fact, you should thank us for being the pioneers of homecoming, because now your school has another excuse to party… you’re welcome.

4.) Pointing out our misuse of gold’s… both yellow gold and real gold:
They’re all gold, right?

3.) Comparing CoM0 to KC or STL…:
We’re our own thing, bitch. Small town? No. Big city? Also, no. We just are.

2.) NOT making a big deal out of Mizzou Football tailgates:
Let loose, have a little corn hole fun. Sip on a Bud Light, or get lit with a handle of Burnett’s, we don’t care, but don’t be lame at a Mizzou tailgate.

1.) Complaining about how “Mizzou” isn’t related to “Missouri”:
Oh contraire, but it is. And who are you to judge an entire university’s nickname? This is our house and we go by Mizzou. It’s more fun (and makes for good chants)

While this is definitely not the extent of the list that troubles our poor Mizzou students on campus, it covers the gist. If something else really irks you though, tweet us at @BlackSheep_Mizz. We know you’re just a pissy little bunch sometimes.


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