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16 Fiery Mizzou Pick-Up Lines for Any Occasion

Mizzou is in the heart of the Show Me State. Whether you’re on the sweaty dance floor of 10 Below, or studying at Ellis, these Missouri pick-up lines are a sure-fire way to get you laid.

16.) Are you Tiger Wifi? Because we could take this slowwwww…

15.) Are those tiger stripes on your back? Or are they just my claw marks?

14.) The columns aren’t the only things standing up tonight.

13.) Girl did you  jump in the Brady fountain? Or are you just happy to see me?

12.) Are you into rock climbing at the Rec? Because you make me rock hard.

11.) Baby do you take swipes? Because I usually eat out.

10.) Have you ever had Tiger Stripe Ice Cream? Because I’d cream to see you Tiger Strip.

9.) Girl do you work at Late Night Rollins? Or do you just suck? 

8.) Do you wanna work out? Because I’m going to Rec you.

7.) Are you down for Shakespeares Pizza? Because I’m down to get saucy.

6.) Do you live in Hatch? Because I’m trying to get nasty. 

5.) Why ride the tiger when you could ride me?

4.) The walks to class aren’t the only thing that is super long. 

3.) Are you in an honors class? Because I’d be honored to be in you.

2.) Do you live in a res hall? Because I want to disobey quiet hours.

1.) Girl did you just kiss the 50-yard line? Because you can kiss my 50-yard line.

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