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Top 3 Best And Worst Mizzou Women’s Bathrooms

Bathrooms generally suck, so we ranked your worst and your best Mizzou women’s bathrooms based on 3 important criteria: cleanliness, aesthetics, and overall comfort level. Where the hell are we getting this idea you may ask? Just ask the junior from Columbia about her undergraduate project to visit every women’s restroom on campus and rank them in order; her name is Piper Stretz and she’s not shy to the toilets around this campus.


3.) 1St Floor A & S :
While the mirrors aren’t sparse, the leg and foot room in each stall sure are. Be sure to think skinny thoughts when walking into these horrid restrooms. And think twice about using the main floor ones if you really gotta go (unless you plan on adding to the sticky floor aesthetic)!


2.) Strickland… period:
Ew. That’s all we got. They always stink. They’re always full. The door is extremely heavy to push open. The lights are dim. It’s like a bathroom out of a horror movie, right ladies?


1.) 2nd Floor of Shlundt:
While the windows give a nice breeze on a hot day, it’s still sweltering in there and a bit creepy when they’re down and you’re just trying to let out a toot. It was a nice touch, but not well thought out next to such a busy sidewalk.


3.) 2nd Floor Reynolds (J-School):
This beaut is one for the mags, with it’s fogged window, large mirror, wide sinks and extra large stalls. We have no complaints here.


2.) Main Floor of Life Sciences Center:
The one bathroom that knew women like to pee in packs has just enough stalls for everyone and a long enough counter for several girls to pile in.


1.) Basement of Tate:
If you must relieve yourself, we suggest you do it here, ladies. It’s cozy, clean, and comfortable. All joking aside, it soothes the tummy and bladder quite nicely with its secluded location, mood-lighting, and roomy stalls.

We hope you now know where to steer clear of now, and what restrooms just might suit your fancy from now on. Ladies, we know these weren’t really made with you in mind, but we tried to at least open your eyes about the best toilets Mizzou has to offer. Can’t say you don’t know now! Do your butt a favor and take your ass to the nice restrooms, you’ll thank us later.


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