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4 Of The Best Hangover Spots in Columbia

We’re not new to hangovers and neither are you, we get that, so put down the computer you’re about to order Jimmy Johns off of and at least give this a thorough skim, guarantee there is no way you’ll regret this more than whatever you did last night.

4.) Ernies:ernie-s-cafe

Not only do they have the best egg sandwich in Columbia, (full of bread to fill you up, egg to make it a little bit good for you, and then mayo to reverse anything the egg will do for you). Ernies makes this hangover list not for the egg sandwich, but also for the outdoor seating which is something to consider for your current state. Outdoor seating means fresh air for your hangover and a 360 escape route if you’re a morning after puker. Nothing is worse than not being able to enjoy your food because you’re too busy routing the nearest bathroom.


LSD comes up next on our list due to its greasy nature, which sounds like heaven after you’re done swallowing all of the water in your apartment. Six dollars for a fat sub sandwich and chips included? Don’t mind if we do! But what makes LSD an important errand on our hangover adventures is the plethora of wraps that you should be grabbing anyways. That’s healthy, right?


2.) Seoul Taco:food-truck-2
Seoul Taco is important, but only if you do it right. Spicy foods early in the morning is risky, and that one is on you, but if you order right, not only can you pick up a 3-6 dollar meal, full of rice and meat, but you can also grab a donut from the delicious Strange Donuts on your way out, which you need but definitely don’t deserve.


1.) Big12:big12
Last but certainly not least, and if you plan it right, dollar burgers and fries. This is perhaps the most important stop and not because burgers and fries are a dollar each, and not only because you can definitely get away with eating two burgers, but because pitchers are also 5 dollars, and you can finally bring this whole experience full circle. The fries are to die for, and you can get a delicious side of ranch to dip them in. 10/10 would recommend the combination.


You can eat at one of these places, or you can eat at all of them, we don’t really care, but if you run into us, please don’t start a conversation, we’re there for the same reasons.

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