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4 Reasons Why Mizzou Still Think Bill Nye is the Daddy of Science

The Daddy of Science himself, Bill Nye, graced our campus with his presence this weekend and man was it something special. Can you BELIEVE IT!? Bill F-U-C-K-I-N-G NYE. This man is literally touring the country to give lectures about how we, the peoples, can help save the world. Bill Nye is so goddamn wholesome and his sense of humor is out of this world! (get it?) So it’s only appropriate that The Black Sheep show him some appreciation. You Tigers still believe he’s the true daddy of science and we wanted to know why…

4.) The bowtie:

Bowties are indeed cool, and hot damn does he work them. And those three piece suits!? Wowza. He looks like he’s off to a wedding every day. Bill just makes science look so sexy. And we think he really brought it to you guys last night. 

3.)  The message:

Our little science angel—not only does he have a show about saving the world…HE’S TOURING TO FURTHER SPREAD THE MESSAGE (this is some evangelical shit going on here). Man oh man, he makes learning about the snooziest of things, like fossil fuels, so entertaining. He pumps you up better than the shitty hype man in the background of rap songs (you all know what we mean).

2.) The jokes:

THE JOKES. Big Daddy Bill takes the dad jokes to a whole different level (or planet)! He takes those sad, overused, boring-ass dad jokes and makes them…wait for it…SCIENCE dad jokes. “A neutron walks into a bar and asks, ‘How much for a beer?’ The proton behind the bar says, ‘For you, no charge!’ The neutron says, ‘Are you sure?’ The proton says, ‘I’m positive!’” Good Lord give. us. some. of. that!

1.) His friendships:

The man is BFF’s with Neil Degrasse – fucking – Tyson. The man of the damn Cosmos. The conversations they have must be so out of this world! (Eh? Ok, too many now.) And Daddy Bill knew STEPHEN HAWKING (may he RIP). Only one of the greatest scientists of our time! Holy shit! It’s just a huge circle of daddies (the chemistry in the hair is overwhelming)!

If you’re sleepin’ on Big Daddy Bill, check yourself before you wreck yourself. The man is a God and deserves everyone’s utmost respect. Bow down to the bowtie and get ready to have a rip roarin’ time learning about shit you think is boring at school. Bill Nye gives personality to science and that’s why he’s the mother fucking daddy.


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