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4 Rumors You’ve Heard About Michael Porter’s ‘Comeback’

Back in November, everyone assumed that Michael Porter would probably be done for the year. Then people started to hear different things like he might be healthy in time for March Madness, he might go pro, he could come back next year, or he might just quit basketball and pursue a career in competitive dancing. Who knows? Don’t listen to all the rumors people are spreading, because we at The Black Sheep have all the information you need to know about MPJ.

1.) His Instagram posts say he’ll be back soon:
95% of Michael Porter’s posts are either of him in his jacuzzi with a protein shake of some kind, or a boomerang of him with a new hairstyle. But one of his posts happened to have about 12 different emojis, just like any other D1 athletes posts on Instagram. But two of the emoji’s happened to say, “back soon.” Nobody knows the true meaning, but Mizzou fans are hopeful that Michael Porter will return.

2.) He keeps saying he isn’t going to rush it:
Michael Porter and the entire coaching staff keep insisting that he will come back only when his back is 100% healthy. But honestly, how much do you really use your back playing basketball. One might say that the majority of basketball is actually played with your front, not your back. You definitely use your arms to shoot, and your legs to run and jump, but it just seems like the back isn’t really a necessity.

3.) Blake Harris is transferring, so MPJ is definitely gone next year:
Mizzou had one of the best recruiting classes in the nation. CJ Roberts is gone, Blake Harris is gone, and if Michael Porter wants, he’ll be gone. Blake Harris and MPJ were both committed to Washington, and then both de-committed and chose to come to Mizzou. It’s not a good sign that his close friend isn’t going to be here next year, so it’s possible that when it’s all said and done, Adam Wolf will have more career points for Mizzou than Michael Porter Jr.

4.) And then he still says there’s a chance he comes back:
What the hell Michael Porter? Stop playing with everyone’s emotions here and just tell everybody how it is. Nobody will be mad at you if you’re a one and done guy. Just recently, he said of the chances he returns for his sophomore year, “Of course, there’s a chance. That hasn’t changed at all. I haven’t thought about that really.” Really? Possibly playing in the NBA hasn’t even crossed your mind the last couple of months? Come on, we just want to know, so Mizzou fans everywhere don’t get their hopes up only to be let down.

At the end of the day, these are all just rumors. The only person who knows anything about what’s going to happen to Michael Porter Jr. in the coming months is him alone (also probably his academic advisor).

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