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4 Things Mizzou Students Will Experience at St. Louis Mardi Gras

Boobs. Beads. Booze. The three essentials for Mardi Gras. If you’re looking to get so hammered you don’t know where you are, escape Mizzou and the mundane frat parties and head to St. Louis for the night of your life! It only takes 1.5 hours to transport from CoMo to the second craziest Mardi Gras celebration in the country—the infamous Soulard. While you are on the road to a good ass black out, here are four things you will experience at the Bud Light Mardi Gras Parade in St. Louis brought to you by The Black Sheep Staff. Can you say HELLLLOOOO PARTY TENTS?!

4.) Much flashing, many beads:
For all the women out there just trying to get some beads, just go to Mardi Gras topless, it’s the easiest way. It’s exhausting to keep lifting up your shirt for shit. And calling all the fellas who love nothing more than boobs bouncing everywhere, you better fill your cars with beads so much that you’re swimming in them. No woman can resist a man with a fuck ton of beads. Get ready people, from the ground, to tops of cars and buildings, hell even the top of the Arch…boobs. Boobs everywhere.

3.) Cops:
The cops lurking around may look like they’re trying to keep everything under control, but they’re just as fucked up as you are. They’re all scoping out the hottest pieces of ass in the crowd. You may see a few of them shuffling through the middle of the crowd sometimes talking on their walkie-talkies and you may start to freak out thinking they’re going to cause a riot…WRONG. They have found the hottest girl there and are trying to take her home. Cops at Mardi Gras is like telling a horse to watch a dog, it’s just not going to be successful.

2.) IMO’S:
“But we have an Imo’s in Como.” Okay seriously shut your face, the Imo’s in Columbia is n o t h i n g compared to the real thing in St. Louis. When out on the town, you should eat Imo’s before, during, and after your black out. It will melt your taste buds and have you dreaming about rolling around in the thick warm cheese. If you have never had the REAL Imo’s pizza you better make sure you have enough gas to go to St. Louis and be ready to really lose your pizza v-card.

1.) Blues Mardi Gras game:
You can’t go to St. Louis without going to some sort of sporting event! What a coincidence that you are already in the city for Mardi Gras. Grab your bandwagon gear and head on over to the Scottrade Center for some good ole hockey. If you get bored there are plenty of options, you can get trashed right there at the game or you can leave and hit the bars and drink so much you can’t remember where you just came from!

Of course there are other happenings leading up to Mardi Gras in St. Louis like a 5K and a weiner dog derby, but who really gives a shit about those things. Give us the booozeeee and the booobbbbsss. If you’re lucky, you might not even have to have beads for girls to flash you. They’ll be so drunk they don’t know what they are celebrating. So, load up your cars and live it up for a night you’ll be trying to piece together for the rest of your life!

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