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5 Mizzou Tailgating Games Way More Fun Than Football

Well hello there you lovely drunken Tigers! Were you lit at the first two Mizzou football games? So was The Black Sheep writing staff. Do you know why? We played some crazy tailgate drinking games, and we’re here to share them with you guys:

5.) See it- drink up!
We think most of you guys that drink know the game where if you’re watching a movie with friends and something happens again and again… you drink. Let’s say you were watching Mean Girls, and every time Gretchen says “fetch” you drink. Get the point? Well, we’re going all out at this year’s football tailgates by playing this little game with things you at Mizzou games. See a girl with tiger ears on – drink up. Join the line at the porter potties – a beer for you. You run into a professor or see someone fall – break out the shots. And most importantly, anytime someone says Mizzou – get lit!

4.) Pin the tail on Truman:
Everyone played pin the tail on the donkey in grade school, right? Well, this game is similar but perhaps a little more legal now that you’re older. It’s the same concept but with a cardboard cutout of Truman; the fun comes in when you totally miss Truman’s ass and have to drink.

3.) Basket pong:
It’s safe to say that most people have played pop-a-shot, right? This is no pop-a-shot, but it requires more skills than what the basketball players have to suit up. This will take some rigging up but we think you can do it. Take a kiddy basketball goal, some handy Mizzou duct tape and a few black solo cups and attach them upright to the goal. If it seems pretty self-explanatory, that’s because it should be. Get yourself some ping-pong balls and go to town!

2.) Circle of death…by drinking:
This game sucks as bad as it sounds so don’t worry. You and some friends take a shitty can of beer and place a circle of cards around it on a table. Everyone goes around drawing cards, the catch is that each card means something different and requires doing something stupid along with it. After cards are drawn and tasks completed, players will stick their card under the Bud tab. After lots of sloppily drunk things happen, and a mound of cards have been shoved under that poor little tab, one unlucky Tiger will be the last one to place a card beneath it until it bursts, when it does, they drink up.

1.) Fingers:
We all have fingers…or paws if you’re Truman, and that’s just about all you need to play this game. Well, beer and a mouth are essential too, and we all know Missouri fans are known for having big mouths. Start by taking one solo cup, dump a bit of everyone’s drink into it and everyone takes a finger (or paw) and places it just so on the rim with our SEC elegance and grace. After your enthusiastically drunk friend yells one, two, three, everyone shouts out a number and removes a finger if they so choose. If you shout out a number and that’s how many fingers are still on the cup, you’re sittin’ pretty, but if you make it down to the last two and you lose, well, you know what happens next. 

Good luck to all of you Tigers, but mostly you losers. We hope you enjoy our tailgate drinking game suggestions; if you don’t remember playing them on Sunday morning, then we know you did.

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