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5 Questions about Mizzou You’ll Get from Friends and Family over Break

You finally made it through finals. All that cramming that you just went through, that you wish you had spread out over the semester, has finally ended. Now you can head home and see all of your family and old high school friends. Of course, you’re going to get asked all the same questions from different people over the entire break. We at The Black Sheep have come up with the list of questions every Mizzou student will hear on their break.

5.) “Isn’t it fun going to school in the South?”:
Missouri is literally like one state away from Illinois, so it’s hard to classify us as the “South.” It’s also easy to say it’s not the South when it’s like 30 degrees out every day. Go ahead and try walking to any class on campus without freezing your ass off, and then say that Mizzou is in the South.

4.) “So is Mizzou still racist?”:
This is what you get for choosing Mizzou. It’s like nobody will ever forget about all that shit that happened a couple of years ago. You have to tell them how there’s not any giant racist posters all over campus like they might think, and how Mizzou is a nicer place than they picture in their pessimistic heads.

3.) “Didn’t your football team used to be like really good?”:
You know what, Mizzou may not be winning the SEC east like in the past, but they are playing Texas in a bowl game. Even though that game would have been amazing 4-5 years ago, it takes a pretty good team to start 1-5 and then finish bowl eligible. Boom!

2.) “Wow, so I guess the Mizzou 22 is real, huh?”:
It’s pretty hard focusing on school, work, your friends, and everything else that you have to deal with in College. Yeah, maybe you should go to the Rec a little more often, and order Gumby’s a little less often. But school is hard, and as the famous poet Drake once said, “I’m here for a good time, not a long time.”

1.) “How’s your buddy Michael Porter doing?”:
First you have to explain how he’s not your buddy. Second, how the hell should you know? You’re not his doctor; it’s not like you have any inside information on what’s going on with him. Can’t you guys just talk about how the team is doing fine without him?

After putting all the racist rumors to bed, and explaining how Missouri is geographically not even in the south, you can finally sit back and forget about finals and assignments you forgot to do over the past semester. Rest up, because you’re going to have to do it all again in about 5 weeks when you come back for the spring semester.

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