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5 Reasons for Mizzou Basketball Fans to Remain Optimistic

Seriously, what the fuck? Every year, the best player in high school picks Duke or Kentucky, and the one year that Mizzou gets that guy, he goes and gets hurt in the first game of the damn season. It was probably asking too much to want to see him play at least a handful of games for the Tigers. Although things look bleak at the moment, The Black Sheep has a few reasons to remain optimistic for Mizzou basketball this year.

5.) We can always hire somebody else’s dad:
They’re plenty of assistant coaching positions on the team to go around. Cuonzo Martin should make it a tradition to go out and find the best high schooler in the nation, hire his dad, and then get him to get his son to come to Mizzou. With four assistant coaches on the roster, there’s no reason not to have a team filled with 5-star players and their respective fathers next season.

4.) Mizzou has actually been good:
Despite losing a pre-season All-American in the very first game of the year, Mizzou has actually not thrown in the towel on the season just yet. The Tigers are 6-2 this year, with one of those losses being against a ranked team, which is almost as many wins as they had for all of last year.

3.) The Porters owe Mizzou another child:
Man, do the Porter’s love Mizzou. The father is an assistant coach for the men’s basketball team, with two of his sons on the team. Then, two of the daughters happen to be on the women’s basketball team, with the head coach as their aunt. As much as the fan’s love Jontay, he’s not MPJ, so it would be a classy move by Michael Porter Sr. if he donated a couple more Porter boys to the team.

2.) At least Mizzou still has Adam Wolf:
The big question this summer was “Would there be enough basketball to go around for both Michael Porter and Adam Wolf?” With Michael Porter being out for 3-4 months now, Mizzou can be at ease knowing that Adam Wolf can carry the team to the promised land. The man is shooting the lights out of the ball this year, having only missed one shot through Mizzou’s first 8 games.

1.) 3-4 Months from now it will be March:
After crunching the numbers and examining several different graphs, in 3 months, it should be approximately March. This would mean if Mizzou were to make the NCAA tournament, Michael Porter might be able to participate. Of course, the Tigers would have to make the tournament first, but MPJ still might be able to suit up again for Mizzou to finish out post-season.

While it hurts knowing that this was supposed to be Mizzou’s year for basketball, all hope should not be lost. While we may never get to see MPJ play at Mizzou Arena again, we will always remember him as a legend. He’s already the all-time leader for Field Goal percentage at Mizzou at 100%.

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