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6 Reasons to Give Fuzzy’s a Chance Even Though It’s No El Rancho

Of course, El Rancho will forever have every Mizzou student’s heart for late night Mexican food. But Fuzzy’s Taco Shop has a lot to offer as well. They happen to be closer to campus than El Rancho, which means you can walk on over and get your night started right after you get out of class if you want. We at The Black Sheep have come up with a few items that you need to try at Fuzzy’s (even if your friend has to drag you from Rancho).

6.) Big Brisket Salad:
As far as salads go, the brisket salad goes crazy. While you generally don’t go to a Mexican food establishment for salad, we suggest you not sleep on this one, as it will not leave you disappointed.

5.) Shredded Brisket Nachos:
Fuzzy’s sure does know how to make a mean nacho. Each one is handcrafted in the back, with each individual chip taking twelve grueling hours to make. We applaud Fuzzy’s for putting love, care, and attention into these chips, and we appreciate them for tasting so damn good as well. Also, who doesn’t love a place that serves brisket?

4.) Bacon Egg and Cheese Tacos:
Sheesh. Fuzzy’s wasn’t playing around when they only made these things $2 for one taco. A nice breakfast taco to cure your hangover, if you hand that cashier a crisp old $20, you will have enough tacos to last you at least a couple of days (nobody will judge you if you eat them in one sitting).

3.) Cinammon Churros:
There’s no better dessert than some churros. And good googley moogley, are these things to die for… The perfect sweet to offset all the spicy food you just had, Fuzzy’s is one of the few places you can actually get a churro in Columbia.

2.) Spicy Pork Burrito:
Sure, you might be a little more inclined to go to Chipotle for your burrito needs (less than 2 blocks away). But man, does Fuzzy’s happen to offer a great burrito. This burrito is flat out delicious. It comes highly recommended, and if you like a little spice, you need to enjoy this.

1.) Grilled Fish Tacos:
These things. Do not mess around when you’re eating these. You might order 2 of these, and then 10 minutes later, wind up on the toilet realizing you just put down 13 fish tacos. They’re madly addicting and make it damn near impossible for you to say, “I’ve had enough.”

Of course, if Mexican food isn’t your thing, they do have some carrots and ranch on the menu somewhere. But not only do they offer some decent ol’ food, but Fuzzy’s also has a nice little margarita on the menu. They don’t seem to be that strict on carding either, so this just gives you another reason to try one of the better taco shops in Columbia. Order up!

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