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6 of the Most Seriously F*cked Up Shit to Ever Happen at Mizzou

What’s a good college town without a few WTF stories? The Black Sheep staff has collected a few seriously fucked up stories for you to read about while you’re avoiding responsibility.

6.) Fieldhouse BJ video:
Nothing is worse than getting wasted, giving a guy a blowjob in the bathroom of a bar, and being rudely interrupted. Unfortunately for her, it was caught on video and naturally, it was shared with literally everyone. It wouldn’t have been so bad if she wasn’t in her hometown… literally everyone you know saw the horror of you on your knees giving head to some random guy. That’s f*cked up and pretty ratchet. We’ve all done stupid shit drunk, and it’s not cool when your drunk antics have to live on forever. 

5.) Trump saying he could’ve been chancellor of Mizzou:
Everyone’s favorite airhead said in 2015 that the protesters were ‘disgusting and disgraceful.’ Umm… you’re a fine one to talk, bud. He claimed that the chancellor and president were weak because they resigned, that it would set off a disaster ‘for the next long period of time.’ l o l. He also said that he could be chancellor of Mizzou. Think about a University under Trump. That’s f*cked up. For real.

4.) Guy gets shot in Hitt Street parking garage:
There’s a video of a man that is stopped by an MUPD officer who was doing his nightly patrol and pulled a gun on him. The officer and the suspect fell to the ground and the officer was trying to get the man off of him. Shortly after that, the suspect is shot by another officer but keeps fighting. They shot him a few more times and he fell to the ground. The really f*cked up part is that the guy was shot 6 more times. WTF, we’re very certain he isn’t going to get up again. Needless to say, our good old friend “Mizzou Alerts” was going cray on this night.

3.) Ryan Ferguson Case:
One of the trippiest cases in Como is the wrongful conviction of Ryan Ferguson. This shit is crazy, him and his friend were 17, partying it up, then a man who worked at the Daily Tribune was found dead next to his car around 2 a.m. Ferguson’s friend was so coked out, drunk, and high on Adderall that he told the cops they did it. But in reality, they had 0 ties to this man. Ferguson’s “friend” throws him under the bus and he is served 9 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. Neither of them had blood anywhere on them or in their car. In 2012 his shitty ass friend said he lied in the trial and that they didn’t kill him. Ferguson is released in 2013 and the case remains unsolved. F*CKED UP. At least now Ryan Ferguson is famous, has a show on MTV and is now a hot piece of ass personal trainer.

2.) Real life babysitter and the man upstairs:
This one goes back in the day, the murder of a babysitter in 1950 is still unsolved. Janett Christman was beaten and strangled with an iron cord. Who tf does that shit. This murder is straight out of When A Stranger Calls. Officers ruled it as an “inside job.” W H A T.  The biggest W T F is when they HAD the guy who pretty much admitted to the murder, and let him go. Just like that. His nephew was bothered by the fact that he didn’t face consequences. He said it bothered him until the day his uncle died. Holy. Shit.

1.) Clowns on Campus:
Who said it was okay for people to Purge it up, dress up like a clown and scare the shit out of people? These mfing clowns were all the rage last year, popping up out of nowhere on an empty street, or right in front of someone’s house. There was even a “clown sighting” on Mizzou’s campus, let’s just hope that clown got glocked in the face for being an ass hat.

There are plenty of other f*cked up things going on around and plenty of it has happened at Mizzou, stay safe out there. 

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