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A Spooky Map of the 6 Spookiest Places at Mizzou

Pumpkin Spice lattes, bonfires, sweater weather; you may think that fall time is all fun and games, but here at Mizzou, October means it’s spooky season. With Friday the 13th and Halloween fast approaching, we at The Black Sheep thought it would be a good time for you to be aware of some of the spookiest places at Mizzou to watch out for.

6.) The Shack:
Who would have thought one of our beloved eateries on campus was haunted with a phantom, Beetle Bailey, just reminding us or our idiotic administration who plotted to get rid of the Shack all those years ago… so what if it was just a rumor? Ironic that now Mizzou’s Alumni Building sits right where it used to be, all hut-like and genuine, serving students (“of age”) and faculty the cheapest pints in town.

5.) The Chancellor’s Residence:
Some of America’s most well-known people have stayed at The Chancellor’s Residence, on the east side of Francis Quadrangle, such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and even Harry Truman. People say they can see ghosts through the windows, just walking about as if they were reliving the good times they spent in that house.

4.) Middlebush Hall:
People walking by claim to hear spirits crying out (probably for a better grade), trying to haunt the building; which would also explain why it’s always so fucking hot in that building with spirits clogging up the AC vents. Others say it’s students bitching and complaining about how the macroecon exam went this midterm season. But really, we all know this is just where your GPA goes to die.

3.) Faurot Field:
Legend has it that Missouri once offered a pretty good football team. Several years back, Missouri competed and even won the SEC east. You probably are thinking this is just one of those myths your Summer Welcome leader tells you to get you to come back in the fall, but it’s true. It’s said that some seasons when we’re sucking (more often than not) and Mizzou is getting shit on by the other teams, you can see the ghost of Blaine Gabbert warming up, throwing on the sideline, talking to the ghost of Gary Pinkel while they reminisce about the good ol days.

2.) Journalism Archway:
The story goes that a couple of students were walking through talking about how they had just cheated on a test they had taken. Apparently, the dean of the journalism school heard them and failed them for cheating. It’s for this reason that you are supposed to whisper when walking under the archway. Or just don’t brag about how you cheated on your test like a doucher. Ghosts shmosts.

1.) The Columns:
You probably didn’t expect this one. Turns out that Mizzou didn’t just put up 5 random columns in the middle of the quad for no reason. They were a part of the university’s first building, Academic Hall, but unfortunately, it burned to the ground. The fire was presumed to have started by faulty electric wiring (done by Mizzou’s own engineering school…) but nobody knows for sure.

With the spooky holidays approaching, make sure to be on the lookout for ghosts and what not. But really, just don’t confess to anything you did to break the rules while just walking around anywhere on campus. Because apparently, your dean will be there listening, and he will fail you. Remember, there’s always someone listening and always someone watching.

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