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7 Ways to Make Sure You Get Lucky During First-Rounds at Mizzou

Ugh! It’s that dreaded time of year again Tigers and we *can’t even*… so while all of y’all were out dartying this weekend, we did the honors of scoping out Mizzou’s 7 lucky charms to help you pass your first rounds this spring semester. You’re welcome from The Black Sheep staff.

7.) Jumping in The Tiger Fountain:

Lucky you, there’s no water in it this time of year. It might not have quite the same effect, but everyone else will get the point.

6.) Rubbing David R. Francis’ Nose:

The classic (the one everyone does for every freakin’ exam) lucky charm, the one that never fails…besides just doing #1 is rubbing extremities with good ol’ David Francis. Don’t miss touching his golden nose this Monday before all hell breaks loose the rest of the week.

5.) Hugging Beatle Bailey:

Everyone needs a good hug now and then and who better to snuggle up to then Beatle Bailey who’s always chillin’ in The Shack. Take selfies, share secrets, or simply half-ass hug him, whatever you need to do to lower your anxiety levels this week before exams; no one’s judging.

4.) Ride the Tiger!:

We’ve all done it; we all love it. Don’t be afraid to mount that sucker and yell yeehaw; this is a time of stress and sorrow and we all just need to let it out sometimes.

3.) Play hacky-sac with the hacky-sac man:

Can you keep up with him? We doubt it, but if you can, then you’re sure to ace your next test with smarts and coordination.

2.) Doing all 7 Traditions the Night Before:

While we don’t recommend it, we’re not saying we don’t condone it. Some of the best times we’ve made here are made while breaking just a few of Mizzou’s most known rules… #drycampus #gameday! #dartyanyone?

1.) Just studying…:

Hey, here’s a thought, being a basic bitch is okay too. It will probably yield you the best results too. So open up those books, put down those Buds and get crackin’. Cheers to A’s, not baes!

We wish you the very best of luck guys, and while good grades ain’t easy, making bad decisions sure is… Just please use one of our lucky charms wisely and for the love of Truman, post it on Snapchat for us to see!



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