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8 Venmo Transaction Emojis only Mizzou Tigers Would Understand

Y’all must be a bunch of high-rollers or a handful of tight-asses. We don’t know but you are sure blowing up our Venmo timelines. But it’s the shit you “claim” the transaction is for that is rather questionable. While we know you Tigers are nothing but honest, there are a few trends The Black Sheep has seen we just can’t get over.

8.) Piano Emoji: 

Dear friend, for all the money you spent on me at Piano, thank you. Sincerely, a hungover friend.

7.) Books Emoji: 

When that student charge just don’t cut it, you friend, are a true savior. Now treat yo self!

6.) Cookie Emoji: 

Whether it’s Hot Box Cookies or Insomnia, it doesn’t matter. We all know you had your sweet tooth cravings and only the best roommate around was nice enough to pick you some up on her way home from Mizzou Rec where her New Years’ Resolution to eat healthy was tempted by your lack of self-control. 

5.) Pizza Emoji: 

We know you got your Gumby’s fix and that is quite all right; unfortunately, you don’t get paid til’ Friday. Lucky for you, bae is funded by none other than his loaded parents. You’re not far enough in your relationship to let it slide… you pay him back anyway. Girl let him treat you! It’s the beginning of the semester and we all need a little good binge food.

4.) Basketball Emoji: 

While Mizzou tickets never really belong to us students after all, we still manage to sell them regardless. Sometimes for free… but there’s always that loser who can scrounge $10 out of just about anybody. Get you that front row seat and watch a Porter-less team kick some ass.

3.) Beer Mug Emoji: 

No explanation needed.

2.) House Emoji: 

When you live at The Rise, you can’t help but fall a bit short on rent unless daddy is footing the bill… so sometimes you gotta cover for your fam. At least they’re attempting to pay you back. Hang in there. 

1.) Car Emoji: 

Those who don’t have a car know this all too well. You can only ride your bike around town for so long or so far. Groceries don’t carry themselves either. If you’re the good friend who chips in a bit for gas, well… you’re a God-send. Bless up!

Not all college students are as stingy as you Tigers, but those of you that are have a very active Venmo TL. While we don’t know how legit your transactions are, we do know that it’s sure entertaining to scroll through. Yes, we’re all broke, but keep being good citizens.

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