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8 Strange Parallels Between Mizzou Life and Stranger Things Season 2

It’s StRaNgEr ThInGs watch out and god forbid don’t spoil Season 2! We won’t… we just find it rather funny how parallel some of our lives at Mizzou are with those in Stranger Things. This sci-fi series isn’t just for the nerds either, all the teenyboppers are watching it. That is why The Black Sheep squad has done you a solid and lined them all out. Here are some Mizzou Stranger Things 

8.) Girls get drunk and tell boys they’re just POS:
Well, we definitely don’t put it past you Mizzou ladies, but who would have thought Nancy was like one of y’all? Tsk. Tsk. And we knew our gal got a bit wild, and with that comes a bit of expression, but any of you ever call your man a POS too? Okay, cool we thought so.

7.) Arcades, barcades, same thing:
We must all have a thing for games… (and booze). With the new installment of the barcade in The District, we’re all just trying to live the lives of these kiddos in Stranger Things. Do we have a little Hollywood envy?

6). Long distance relationships blow:
You poor, poor freshmen are the last to figure it out on Mizzou’s campus, and we know you thought you could drag it out… but it NEVER works. Get over it. You too, Mike and Eleven.     

5). We’re all living the horror film life… college life:
While the cast is surely a bit younger than most of Mizzou’s campus, our lives overlap in the scariest of ways. Students are crying over midterms and homework assignments they put off until the night before, people are hiding in their rooms after vague MU Alert messages, and no one cringes more when watching the 8 a.m. SRAT hunnies make their way back to their lone rooms. While we don’t have another dimension and we certainly don’t fuck with any paranormal, what’s really that normal about Mizzou life?

4.) Our lives portrayed in 50-minute increments:
So an episode runs like what a little over 40-minutes… well so do the episodes we like to call boring-ass lectures. While one is certainly more entertaining than the other, that’s all the time we’ve got to give for before our attention spans give out (unless you’re on Adderall) then hell, binge watch the shit out of Season 2 and get it over with already, but fuck the classes.

3.) Experiments aren’t always ethical:
We know you all don’t want to relive the horrendous puppy experiment that happened hear at Mizzou last year, but we’re just trying to make a point, so save the tears, Susan. There’s clearly some freaky shit going on over in Hawkins, Indiana but if it leads to disappearances and anything paranormal, we know damn good and well it’s NOT ethical.

2.) Moms can be a little OVER-protective sometimes:
Any of you freshmen received care packages yet? We thought so. And you’re exactly the kind of runt that makes us think of Will who may or may not have a few issues of his own. The point is, you gotta thank ol’ Joyce for caring so much. Helicopter mom or not, she’s the boss.

1.) Sometimes the police know more than you think:
We won’t reiterate the happenings of fall of 2015 for you… but I’m sure if you’re at least relevant you catch our drift. And like MUPD, Sheriff Hopper is definitely not one to be passing any lie-detector test about his knowledge of what’s really been going on (more-or-less, he’s shady af). Let’s just say we need to keep an eye out for these guys.

See, told you we wouldn’t spoil anything. Just a few harmless comparisons to make you think your lives are much more miserable and decrepit than they really are… but keep on fighting Tigers, we’re more than halfway done with the semester. Strange, right?

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