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5 Reasons The 8th Grade Mizzou Basketball Recruit is Already Better Than You

The Mizzou women’s basketball team has landed a verbal agreement from 8th grader, Addison Potts (yes, you read that right, she’s 13). If you didn’t already feel like a complete failure at your age, this will for sure seal the deal. What were you doing in 8th grade? You most likely weren’t getting recruited by big universities, and you probably didn’t even make your own lunch for school. Potts, on the other hand, she’s doing way better than you probably ever will. Here are some reasons why. 

5.) She’s not even in high school:
What else do you think she does with her time? Nothing, because she doesn’t have any responsibilities or worries in the world. The kid can’t even drive and probably hasn’t even had homework assigned to her before. So of course she’s going to be a basketball prodigy—what the fuck else does she have to do?

4.) All you do is binge watch Netflix and avoid responsibilities:
You probably just finished your sixth episode in a row of a show you’ve already seen three times through. While you’re doing that, Potts is probably in the gym perfecting her game. We wouldn’t be surprised if she’s never watched Netflix in her life—that shit is addicting and phenom athletes have zero time for that. Hell, she probably strictly watches basketball film for enjoyment, not even to get better.

3.) She already has a better work ethic than you:
Some of you can’t even make it to your 10 a.m. class, let alone dribble a basketball with coordination. This girl would most likely run circles around you with the amount of practice. Her dad says she puts in about 10-12 hours of extra practice a week, and that’s already about 100x more effort than you’ll ever put in anything.

2.) She’s never drank or smoked in her life (at least less than you): 
You think a pack of smokes and a case of beer every weekend is going to lead to long-term athletic success? Some of you can’t even walk up a flight of stairs without having to stop to catch your breath. Although we cannot confirm if she has ever ripped a heater or drank copious amounts of alcohol before, we are just going to go ahead and assume she hasn’t.

1.) She has at least six other collegiate offers:
The schools came to her, and she sat back like a fucking queen and let the schools fight over her. You most likely had to apply like everyone else to see if they’d even give you a shot. Being in 8th grade with more Division I offers than you can count on one hand proves there’s no fucking way you would stand a chance against her.

At the end of the day, you’re not really shit compared to an 8th grade Mizzou basketball recruit. With a basketball in her hands, you’d probably going to end up on the floor with a pair of broken ankles. 

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