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Inside Mizzou Athletics: Barry Odom’s Search History

Everyone is talking about how it’s basketball season at Mizzou, but let’s not forget that it’s still football season. And surprisingly, our football season is turning around! A few weeks ago, people were calling for Barry Odom to get canned. But 4 weeks and 4 wins later, Missouri is starting to look like a post-season team this year. Luckily, we at The Black Sheep were able to get a look at what Barry Odom has been looking up online recently to tell you how he’s done it.

Search #5: “How many games do you need to win to be bowl eligible?”
Mizzou is trash at football; let’s just get on to basketball season already… holy shit Mizzou is actually 5-5 (we know you little bastards were thinking it until now). With low expectations all season, Barry Odom wasn’t expecting this so soon. Time to get serious here, and see if he can win a ring or something. Sure, it might not be the National Championship, but Mizzou will gladly take a Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl Championship game any day (if we don’t get screwed over again).

Search #4: “How to beat Vanderbilt at football”
All right, if Barry Odom is going to get himself a bowl game trophy, he’s going to have to win again this year. Vanderbilt isn’t the easiest team to beat, so he’s going to have to hit the film room hard if he wants to come out on top. Unless wikiHow has an easy 4-step process on how to beat Vandy… or if there happen to be any good how-to YouTube clips out there, Barry Odom might be stuck figuring this one out on his own.

Search #3: “What’s the best play to run in football games?”
If you’re going to beat a team, it’s good to have some nice plays ready to call. Some coaches know really good plays. Barry Odom has surely looked up what’s the best one, and according to the Internet, the “Touchdown Pass” is the best play in football. Hopefully he’ll be able to incorporate that into his game plan the rest of the season.

Search #2: “Barry Odom news”
Missouri plays Florida, Jim McElwain gets fired. Missouri plays Tennessee, Butch Jones gets fired. With SEC coaches getting fired left and right, it wouldn’t be surprising that Barry Odom needs to keep refreshing his laptop to see any news on his own job. Of course, Mizzou has been decent these past couple of weeks, so he should be fine (for now). He might also just be one of those guys who loves to Google himself too.

Search #1: “How to make sure your Quarterback never leaves”
With Drew Lock leading the offense, Mizzou has averaged 53 points a game the last four games, and he wasn’t playing against just any old Missouri State either. These were FBS teams, two of them in the SEC even. It would make sense that Barry Odom would do everything in his power to keep the guy who has been leading this team offensively the past couple of weeks for as long as he can bribe him to stay.

With Missouri being so close to being bowl eligible, hopefully Barry Odom will be able to cram all this information he’s been looking up into that bald head of his, and give the Tigers some more to cheer about. Missouri will take on Vanderbilt this Saturday and Arkansas the following week, and if we can pull those two out (or at least have a close game) eligibility will be on lockdown. Guess you aren’t so bad after all Barry Odom. 

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