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The Best Places to Smoke Weed on Mizzou’s Campus

Ladies and gents, it’s nearing 4/20. You know what that means, time to commemorate on a man-made holiday, chill out, eat copious amounts of food, and try not to correlate the same day as similarly being Hitler’s birthday. Here at The Black Sheep, we wanted to join in the festivities by pinpointing the best places to smoke weed at Mizzou so you can rest extra toasty on April 20th. So here are a few key places you should visit if you’d like to join in the celebration…



6.) Peace Park:
As the name speaks for itself, you can usually spot a plethora of individuals who are professing their love for one another playing with hula hoops, re-telling medieval tales, interpretive dancing, and all while doing it 97% of the time naked. Drive by, or stay for a puff or two, but this park is the breeding ground of all things hipster.

5.) East Campus:
To the place where many college students live and thrive…There’s house parties, dartys, keggers, and everything in between, so you know it’s acceptable to pursue a holiday in an area where recklessness is nothing but acceptable. If you’re real lucky, you may even catch some kids on the corner having a bake sale. Extra tasty brownies for a unusually high price, but damn they make you feel some type of way.

4.) MKT “MK-Chief” Trail:
This outstretched trail circles Mizzou’s town of Columbia, Missouri in most of it’s entirety, so there are many places along it that one can hang loose. Riding your bike, taking a casual stroll, or dodging the crazy Amish family that may approach you, this path provides a scenic and tranquil environment to light up that fatty and play with the overly friendly squirrel chucking acorns at you. Not to mention, make a hop, skip, and a jump across the way of East Stewart where the trail starts and Taco Bell awaits you.

3.) Ellis Library:
The Ellis Library is for studying, right? HA! Ok, it is, but there’s so much else to it. The place is HUGE. Let me tell ya, HUGE. So that alone means lots of available places to frolic and do illegal such things such as finding a manual pencil sharpener, using it as your grinder, tearing out a page from To Kill a Mockingbird, utilizing it as your rolling paper, and then spending your “study” break between the book stacks. (PSA: make sure you thoroughly clean that pencil sharpener beforehand – you live and you learn)

2.) Mizzou Rec – Tiger Grotto:
After a gruesome workout, who doesn’t want to unwind in the best way possible other than relaxing their muscles in the steam room? Well, what could make a steam room….steamier? You got that right, hot box the shit out of that steam room. Who’s to know besides the naked man who may or may not try to come sit next to you and ask you for a hit. In that case, you’d be undoubtedly mellow already so the nakedness wouldn’t faze you.

1.) Memorial Stadium (Faurot Field):
It may not be the most undercover place to be, okay, not at all, but there’s gotta be some reason athletes like being around grass (pun intended). Plus, with all the news of athletes being caught smoking or in possession with the plant God laid so delicately on the world he created, it has to be satisfactory. Talk to some football players if you want the real inside on where to go to get stoney-balogna on the reg…Just try not to get caught like the rest of them.

 There it is folks. Visit these mysterious, intriguing places on campus to fill your 4/20 with oodles of fun, or you can take advice from Dr. Dre and Snoop and say “”Hey-ay-ay-ay! Smoke weed every day!”

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