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5 Best Places to Bone at Mizzou

It’s that time of year again Tigers and there is no better topic to bring up with bae during class when you just can’t seem to control those raging hormones. The subtle texts just aren’t working for you anymore and campus has a few spots we think you all might get a little excited about trying. You can thank The Black Sheep team later… 😉

5.) Unisex Bathroom on 3rd Floor Ellis:

No one’s judging your sex, but they just might judge you if you get a little loud while everyone’s trying to focus on “studying.” Next thing you know, everyone and their significant others might be lining up outside to take the next go at your newfound spot. The love at Mizzou is contagious, beware.


4.) Parked in Virginia Avenue Garage…vroom vroom!:

This one is pretty damn obvious. Its acronym is literally VAG, meaning it’s a perfect spot to stick it in. The VAG can get a little risky if you’re not careful about who’s watching. Gotta watch out for them peeping Toms you know (or asshole parking attendants, we’re not sure which is worse)!


3.) Student Center Study Room:

Screw the books (not literally of course), you have much better things to put your head to than those, we’re sure.

study room

2.) Booth in the Student Center:

Face it, it’s that point in the semester (need we say the 4th week in…) and you don’t care who’s watching (or listening). Love really is in the air; we just hope it smells good.

student center booth

1.) The Columns…:

While this seems cool and all to check off your Mizzou bucket list, you might want to consider the skills necessary to not only get off, but not fall off as well. Are you catching our drift here? You don’t need a concussion to solidify the fact that intercourse is not an easily achieved tasked on a 2’x2’ ledge. That’s what your college education is good for, right?


We’re sorry if this causes some relationship issues for you and your partner, but we just think y’all should try something a little “different” this Valentine’s Day, just try not to get arrested in the process!

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