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Can Walk-On Brett Rau Save Mizzou’s Basketball Season?

Sure, Mizzou did end up beating Kentucky on Saturday, and some might say this is a turning point in the season, following a recent three-game losing streak. Some credit Jordan Barnett for playing great, or Jontay Porter for playing just plain good basketball. But the actual person Mizzou fans should be thanking is the great Brett Rau. The Black Sheep found a couple of reasons why Mizzou needs to start playing their best player as March Madness approaches.

4.) When Brett Rau plays, Mizzou wins:
It seems like most times Brett Rau actually plays in games, Mizzou ends up winning. It might be because he only gets in when they are already up by 30 points, but this is merely coincidence. Cuonzo needs to see this trend, and realize that when Brett Rau plays, Mizzou wins games.

3.) Brett Rau can step up and be the new Adam Wolf:
Everyone was saddened when they heard the news of Adam Wolf’s torn ACL, forcing him out for the rest of the season. That meant no more “Feed the Wolf” chants in the second half. Mizzou needs a player to get the people going, someone to root for, someone to hit a three when we are already up by 38 points. Adam Wolf might have left some big shoes to fill, but Mizzou needs Brett Rau to step up and be the man.

2.) Brett Rau simply doesn’t miss:
Missouri has played 23 games so far, and Brett Rau has only missed one (1) shot. You read that correctly. He has only missed ONE shot. Just to put that in perspective, Kassius Robertson has missed 143 shots. We’re just saying, maybe Mizzou should be feeding this man the ball, at least until he cools down a little bit.

1.) Brett Rau is one of the only players left on the team: 
Since Terrence Phillips suspension, Mizzou is down to eight scholarship players available to play. With just about every other player transferred or hurt, Mizzou might not even have a choice but to play Rau in a few games. Eight players is not a whole lot, especially since its closer to seven, with Jeremiah Tilmon fouling out of damn near every single game.

With MPJ still not playing, Mizzou needs someone to save them. Brett Rau is the hero Columbia needs, but doesn’t deserve. He probably had scholarships to Duke or North Carolina, but he chose to walk-on at Mizzou and help the Tigers get a national championship this year. So, everyone, please let Brett Rau put the team on his back and take us the promised land.

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