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Can We Guess What Sorority You’re in Based Off Your Kaldi’s Order?

No one’s new to the idea of a basic bitch sorority girl obsessed with coffee. And there’s no shame. A lovely Chi O might stop by 9th Street’s Kaldi’s and get herself a frozen coffee, that’s nothing we turn our heads at… but when a Tri Delt likes it black (tsk tsk), we start to worry. The Black Sheep knows what these high-class, coffee-drinkin’ letter-wearin’ gals like and we’ve done you the honor of seeing which you would fit into best. We all have our preferences (even when some are shitty) and need a little pick me up sometimes. Kaldi’s is a CoMo classic that we’d never want to lose, but maybe you SRAT girls could do us all a favor and not take over the damn place 25/7.

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Quiz: Can The Black Sheep Guess Your Sorority Based on Your Kaldis' Order? %%personality%%

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