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Cubs vs. Cardinals Drinking Game: Mizzou Edition

With the Cubs and Cardinals rivalry here, we know how tough it can be to get excited for a baseball game. So we have come up with a fun little drinking game so the casual fan to enjoy the game, as well as get shit faced. Follow these rules to make sure you don’t remember the game.

6.) Take two shots if a manager or player is ejected:
Starting out strong! Everyone knows one of the best parts about baseball is seeing players or managers get tossed from the game. So it’s only fair that we should enjoy it even more. Take a shot of whatever hard liquor you have (Malort, Cubs fans?)—this rivalry might bring out the best of baseball.

5.) Take a drink for every strike out:
Should be an interesting day if Javy Baez is in the lineup, considering it’s home run or bust for him. Every baseball game usually has multiple strikeouts, so the road to being drunk for the game is wide open.

4.) Finish the rest of your drink for a home run:
No matter who you’re rooting for, Cubs fan or Cardinals fan, finish the rest of the drink for a home run. If your team hits the home run, you drink to celebrate. If your team gives up the home run, you’re just drinking to forget it even happened.

3.) Take two drinks for a double play:
It’s only right to take two drinks for every time a team turns two, so have at it. A fun and exciting play deserves at least a few sips of that Budweiser or Schlitz or Long Island. 

2.) Chug one drink for every stolen base:
Stolen bases don’t happen too often, but when they do it’s pretty exhilarating. For a stolen base, our rule is to chug one full drink of the first thing you see. All you have is a bottle of vodka? Too bad, slam that bad boy down. With catchers like Yadier Molina and Willson Contreras, there probably won’t be many stolen bases, but for your sake we hope there is.

1.) Take three shots if the benches clear:
We know the history between these two teams, so anything can happen. Hopefully a hot head like Yadier Molina can have another meltdown so the benches can clear and we can see guys throwing haymakers.

At this point you’re probably shitfaced at Willies or Big 12 watching the game and don’t even know what team is winning. That’s a good thing. There’s nothing that alcohol can’t make better, so why not this awesome rivalry series? Just make sure to drink somewhat responsibly and talk as much shit to the opposing fans as possible.

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