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Top 5 Mizzou Resources Nobody Uses Because They’re Dumb

You would be surprised at all Mizzou has to offer. A lot of the shit offered at Mizzou is covered in your costs you pay to be a student. So rather than have your money go to waste, you should get some bang for your buck and start using what Mizzou is readily providing (but no one is using). We at The Black Sheep have come up with some of the underutilized Mizzou resources you just might, or might not, want to look into…

5.) Mizzou Housing Fair:
There is no reason anybody at Mizzou should be buying t-shirts anywhere at all, when once a semester (it happened right before Thanksgiving Break) in the basement of the student center, you can walk away with literally 10-15 free shirts. Sure, you’re going to get spammed 50 emails a day, and probably going to get about 5 calls a week from different apartments around campus, but it beats spending $20 upstairs for a shirt that just says “MIZZOU” on it.

Okay, nobody is saying it’s better than Uber or Lyft, but at the end of the month when you open your checking account and see you spent $45 on Ubers this month, you might realize that even though they’re going to be slow as fuck, you might want to start using STRIPES.

3.) Ellis Library:
It’s weird, even though you always see fifty Snapchat stories with the “11:14 p.m.” time filter on it, Ellis library is never packed like you would think. You can pretty much go there any time, and you can get a decent-enough, quiet little spot all to yourself. Of course, with finals approaching, don’t even bother going to Ellis, because apparently now everyone likes to study all of a sudden.

2.) The pickleball courts at the Rec:
There are three things people do at the Rec: lift, cardio, or basketball. But there might not be anything more fun than smacking the shit out of a little ball and having it bounce like crazy against the walls. You don’t even have to know how to play, just grab a pal and just hit the ball as hard as you can. That’s probably how you’re supposed to play anyway (we don’t know).

1.) Office hours for any class:
Honestly, classes are hard as shit. There have been countless times when only like 3 people out of a lecture hall of like 500 show up to office hours. Stop saying to yourself that you’re going to study at your apartment this week when you know for a fact you’re going to binge a shitty Netflix show and order Jimmy John’s. Do better.

Remember, it’s your money that’s being spent here. You might as well start using some of this shit, or you’re just giving money away for free. Wasting money isn’t a good habit, so take a yoga class at the Rec or something (which are actually $9 a class), just start using some of what Mizzou has to offer.

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