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6 New Eateries at Southwest That Will Ruin Your Summer Bod

Just when you thought the dining halls couldn’t get any better here at Mizzou, Campus Dining Services did us dirty and took away our beloved Dobbs. Now, they’re trying to win us back with six new eateries in one, so say goodbye to your summer bod. Before we know it, the Mizzou 22 will be packed because swipes aren’t the only thing you’ll need to watch this semester.

6.) Legacy Grill:
Who knew you could have a burger and fries better than Steak n’ Shake, not to mention on mom and dad’s dime. When they serve quesadillas, nachos, and chicken sandwiches, it’s all too hard to resist considering their long hours of operation. You’re sure to pack on the freshman fifteen at this one joint alone.

5.) 1839 Kitchen:
Miss your momma’s cooking? 1839 Kitchen has your back, and your gut, if you’re wanting comfort food. If you’re not afraid of a little meat, pick yourself up a rotisserie chicken on the way out, as a little midnight snack for later.

4.) Tiger Avenue Deli:
Out-of-state students, this one won’t disappoint. Cheese on peppers, on steak, on more cheese is mounded high on hoagies right before your eyes. If hot meat slapped onto warm buns doesn’t get your mouth watering, nothing will.  

3.) Olive & Oil:
When you get about three weeks in and realize eating Mort’s every night isn’t fairing too well with your midsection, Olive & Oil might suit your fancy. These healthier options with a bit of Mediterranean flair are sure to keep your waistline in check and your stomach growling for a Big Mac before bed.

2.) 1+5+3 Soups & Salads:
Vegan soups and al naturale salads might surprise you with this complete do-it-yourself option. Have allergies or want to be vegan? Trying to go vegetarian because you feel bad for baby chicks that become nuggets? Just pick a leafy base and add toppings at your leisure.

1.) Truffles:
When you’ve officially given in to gaining weight here at Mizzou, and you’ve definitely given up on your diet, Truffles will be right there for you, to warm your heart and tingle your tummy. Any and all desserts live here for you to consume now and cry about later. A true dining experience isn’t over until the fat lady gets her dessert.  

If you’re not hungry after reading this, you’re in the right state of mind to trick yourself into thinking you won’t grow a few inches (around) this fall at Mizzou. Some call it stress weight, we call it insulation for the harsh Missouri winter ahead. So, pack on the pounds people, because it’s about to get chilly.

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