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The Black Sheep’s Judgmental Fortnite Map of Mizzou

All right, where are we droppin? Judging by every guy’s Snapchat story for past couple of months, Fortnite has taken over a lot of people’s lives, and everyone is convinced that a certain place is always the best place to go. The Black Sheep‘s Fortnite map for Mizzou will always let you know where to drop in. 

Loot Lake = Big 12
It may not be the best place to start out, but somedays, by the end of the night, it seems to center in on this place. It seems like when you don’t go here, all the action happens here. And when you do go here, nothing seems to be popping off.

Dusty Depot = Student Center
There is literally always at least three people here at any given time. 7 a.m. on a Monday? People there. 8 p.m. on a Friday? People there. 2 a.m. on a Tuesday? You got it, there’s people there. Do what you got to do, but try and get out a little more, like come on.

Pleasant Park = Roxy’s
Everyone always ends up trying to start here. People fighting just to get in and survive in this place. Just a straight up battle ground that tests your ability to survive.

Tomato Town/Wailing Woods/Lonely Lodge = Piano/Field House/Willie’s
“All right, we’re dropping in at Piano. Wait, shit, holy shit. Abort. Audible, we’re going to Field House. Everyone, we are going to Field House, follow me. DAMN IT, there are so many people there too. Shit, uhhhhh, ok, I guess we can go to Willies. Willies should be fine. Fuck, there’s a shit ton of people there too. Lets just land in that tiny patch of grass where nobody else is at.”

Retail Row = El Rancho
Whether you started out at some other place across the map, someone in the squad is going to end up saying, “You know what I could go for right now lowkey? Some El Rancho.” It always seems like 80% of the time, your night is going to end up here.

5th Down on Rainforest Parkway = Flush Factory
“Damn it, I accidently already jumped, guys I’m at 5th Down.” Now the whole squad either has to go with him or say, “Fuck him,” and actually try and to have a good time for the night.

Obviously, it all depends on where the bus takes you. Everyone might have their own little places they know where there’s always a treasure chest or two, but these are the big places on the map. So, make sure you get some slurp juice in you, and figure out where your squad is dropping in.

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