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Leaked Tweets Lead to Mass Destruction in MSA Election This Week

Well, we definitely think that the Mizzou student body deserves better than these three disgusting excuses for campaigns. Since this is all we’ve got for the MSA Elections, might as well antagonize them until we can get some truth out of them – and maybe a few more apologies, too. While the journalist (thanks, @brettastover) has already done the work for us, The Black Sheep think it’s time to dissect the very trash some candidates chose to post on the web that came to bite them in the ass. Enjoy…

3.) “More to Roar” Campaign with Julia & Caius:

Or…maybe she doesn’t like your weird ass and you should take the fucking hint and step off. How’s that for a… THOT?! And a word to Julia: girl, you really want to be the one in charge of this dimwit? We’d be surprised if he even let you take the real role of president if y’all even won, but now this. Do yourself a favor, honey, and kick this man to the curb. He doesn’t deserve a spot on the MSA election ballet, let alone standing next to someone like you. Hope your “mental health” stance fairs well when you have to keep explaining why you brought on such a sexist to your campaign staff.

2.) “It’s About Time” Slate with Thomas & Claire:

Oh dear, the N-word Claire? Really? The real 2013-you really shines on that already-deleted Twitter account of yours, doesn’t it? Guess you had more to hide than the lovely journalism students could scrape up for us. Damn, and the racially insensitive comments toward black men… need we remind you your partner is a black male, too? Just checkin’! It seems as though the irony and hypocrisy of your tweets speak for themselves. Thanks for the laughs sweetie! How embarrassing for such a “diverse” platform?

1.) “Fight Forward” Stance with Blaine & Chad:

Wow, where do we fucking start? First of all, Chad, wtf were you thinking hiring this schmutz of a partner? Like of all people man, come on! He’s literally a walking-talking Donald Trump pupil. It’s actually horrifying to say the least. He’s an asianist for one. Homophobic, too? Lord. And the boy doesn’t believe in feelings (but yet, he’s going to sympathize with the Mizzou’s student body)? What a joke? Seriously, what have these elections even come to stand for? The madness is cringe-worthy.

It’s funny because the very campaigns these slates have come to “represent” they have apparently only stood for since they stepped foot on this campus (oh, and tried to boost their resumes). It’s going to be a short-lived campaign for two of these couples if they can’t get their acts together and whip up the sweetest apology memo any MSA election has ever seen. All The Black Sheep has to say is good luck.

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