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6 Majors Who Are Most Likely to B**ch You Out at Ellis During Mizzou Finals Week

With Mizzou finals week approaching and everyone stressed out, it’s probably best to try and mind your own business with everyone and their mother on edge. We’ve mapped out a list of people you should try to stay away from at Ellis based on their majors.

6.) Journalism:
Did you know that Mizzou has the best journalism program in the nation? We know, crazy right? Well if you live under a rock and actually don’t know, you will get the memo soon. Walk into Ellis an you’ll probably be reminded of it within the first 10 minutes. Stay away from the J school kids, even though no one told them they had to be a journalism major.

5.) Economics:
Watch out for these nerds in Ellis. You will probably find them drowning in about three math classes, and anytime you bring up having to study for finals, they’ll probably respond with “Talk to me when you have 3 math finals.” Just find the desks with the most calculators on them and stay as far away as possible.

4.) Finance:
Finance, home to the kids who went into college right after the movie The Wolf of Wall Street came out. We got a bunch of wannabe Jordan Belfort’s who have probably realized that this was a bad route to go down. Unless you want to learn how to pay your taxes, stay clear from these nerds.

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3.) Pre-med:
It’s not like this is a real major…but you can just tell which health professions students are looking towards the MD title in the far future. Let’s be real — the pre-med students aren’t salty about having to take finals, they’re salty about the 4-9 more years of school they’re going to have to attend after they graduate. This is the week they are spending the most second guessing their entire life existence. Stay away from them for now, though!

2.) Engineering:
We all have heard how difficult engineering students have it. In case you didn’t know, apparently they’re supposed to be pretty smart. Which then leads to them having harder classes and harder finals. Which leads to the nonstop complaints from engineering kids, which leads to your annoyance.

1.) Physics:
Honestly, we don’t even think we’ve seen a physics major out in public before. Who the hell would come to college to study physics anyways? Well, we figured there has to be a few, and you’re definitely going to want to steer clear away from them. Mostly because they’re probably boring as hell if they’re a physics major. Oh, and also because physics is the fucking WORST.

Stay away from these majors as far as possible and you should be okay. If you happen to run into one at Ellis, don’t worry, just lie and tell them your major is one the ones listed. If you follow these guidelines, you won’t get bitched at by these salty nerds.

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