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We Asked You: Which Mizzou Basketball Player is a Real Dime?

There’s nothing greater than when the tables turn right in front of your very eyes! And, seeing as how Mizzou women’s basketball is making a far greater stab at a national title, we might as well judge the men’s team on their looks since we know they’re not moving up the rankings any time soon. The Black Sheep took to Twitter and ask the masses: Who do you think is the true dime of the Missouri Tiger Men’s basketball team?

3.) Kevin Puryear & Jeremiah Tilmon:
Y’all must be trippin’ balls if you think these two are even somewhat comparable, but it’s cool. Maybe you just felt bad for Puryear’s face… and pitied Tilmon’s endless foul playing. Either way, these guys are NOT dimes and y’all were quick to point it out.

2.) “Kash” Robertson:
Okay, okay. We’re getting somewhere. This guy is hot right now and let’s hope he stays that way. We don’t blame you for picking Robertson because, overall, he seems like a pretty stand up dude. Now let’s just hope MPJ doesn’t come back in and steal all his current thunder. What do you think? (Yeah, he probably will.)

1.) MPJ:
Well, well, well. What do you know? The guy you guys won’t shut the fuck up about and you picked him to be the most dime-like. Shocker! While his face is near flawless, his game… questionable, and his personality is trash. He’s shitty to females and, yet, y’all still can’t get his name out of your mouths. Need we remind you he’s still not even playing? No. Y’all are just foul. What if all this time off means he’s gone to shit? The world may never know.

Y’all got some shitty taste in men, but apparently our athletics program has an even worse recruiting team so we’re not going to blame you. We’re just hoping these nickel bitches get to playing at least presentably. They’re getting a free education for fucks sake (and who knows what else?)

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