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The Best CoMo Drunk Food You’ll Find for $3

We’re all on a budget in college yes, but when you go out at least 3 times a week (5 at most) we know money can get a little scarce and food a bit sparse. So your Black Sheep squad as compiled the best of the best, closest to campus, best CoMo drunk food after a night-out you can eat at for just $3! You’re welcome.

7.) The $3 cheeseburger at Booches:
Nothing beats Booches burgers, besides the fact that you have to have cash in order to get one. Yes, they’re cash only, but their sliders are worth every buck.

6.) All the chips and salsa you want from El Rancho for $1.95:
While a burrito or chimichanga is out of your price range bud, there’s always endless amounts of chips and hot salsa you can drown yourself in… just don’t cry; it’ll make your chips soggy.

5.) Home-made potato salad or chili cup at CJ’s Wings just a penny shy of $3:
Whether you’re looking for the perfect cold side, or a little something to warm up your tummy on a brisk March evening, CJ’s is sure to have your college budget covered. Their wings might be to die for… but you’ll take what you can get.

4.) Calling all white girls… pumpkin scones at Starbucks on S 9th Street are just $2.95:
You had to know Starbs was going to make it on our list, since we know all you wannabe-high-class college girls need to at least appear somewhat uppity to your friends. Coffee won’t be in the books for you if you plan on eating sometime today, but hey, no one can turn down a good pumpkin scone anyway.

3.) Blackberry or peach cobbler from The Berg is calling for $2.99:
Good ol’ Berg coming in clutch with dessert to end your night off right, but don’t expect to get ice cream with that cobbler unless you wanna pay in extra $2. It might not be your favorite way to eat cobbler, but we’re sure it’ll hit the spot with that Bud in your stomach just as well without all the ice cream.

2.) Noodles & Co. saves the day with their Korean BBQ meatballs or potstickers also for just $2.99:
Apps on apps on apps right? Who knew Noodles even had apps; we sure didn’t. But lucky for you, they do and they’re under your budget (by a penny). You can kiss the buttered noodles goodbye for now because these apps are all you can afford. So eat up sucka because who knows when your next meal might be?

1.) Last but not least, Broadway Diner’s triple berry pancake for a whole $3:
But that’s not all… they’ve got sides of ham for under $3, biscuits and gravy for under $3, a half-order of French toast for under $3, and even cheese fries under $3. If you think you just found your new dining spot, you better tell your friends so you can all chip in to have the best breakfast of your lives.

These may not, and may never, be your first choice of food in dear CoMo, but if you want to keep living the party life while you’re still at Mizzou, you’d better take our advice and seek out these gems. They won’t break your bank and they just might fill you up for the night (if you even remember going to them). Whatever you do, remember… the food disappears, but the memories of eating last forever.

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