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5 Mizzou Gems Freshmen Will Never Know

Let us start off by officially saying welcome to the University of Missouri, freshmen! If you aren’t from around these parts there are some fun facts to be learned during your time here at Mizzou. Luckily for you, some townies from here at The Black Sheep have the lowdown on all the good things that have come and gone, in a Mizzou world freshmen will sadly never know. 

5.) Brady Commons:
What is now the MU Student Center, used to be called Brady Commons. It first opened its doors in 1963 and, man, was this building the bees knees. They brought in color televisions, which back then was a big deal (y’all take them for granted now). There were rooms for lectures kind of like the top floor of the Student Center, but there was a room for listening to records, too! “But that’s basically KCOU now…” Um, no it’s not, a room strictly for listening to records on a campus is probably the coolest shit ever. Unfortunately, Mizzou did its favorite thing and took it away. Rude.

4.) The bowling alley:
When Brady Commons was around, there was a fucking bowling alley in the basement. How dope is that (not to mention the Subway attached). The faculty probably thought it was too hip for them and decided to rip out some hearts and demolish the bowling alley. But, what did they go on to unnecessarily remodel in the future with money they don’t have? A goddamn Starbucks.

3.) Chick-fil-A:
It’s true. Mizzou once had a Chick-fil-A! We used to have one of the most amazing, scrumptious, heavenly fast food places on campus. And now it’s gone. After Chick-fil-A left, the closest one to Columbia was in Kansas City. In 2016, Columbia finally got one, but it’s not close enough to campus. So now, we’re thinking institute a petition to get Mizzou to put a Chick-Fil-A back on campus since you know, they spend their money like money ain’t shit.

2.) McDonald’s:
Once upon a chicken nugget, there was also a Mickey D’s on campus. McDonald’s is the most popular fast food chain in the world. Picture this: You are schwasted and hungry, but can’t drive, and the dining halls are closed. Just walk down the street to a McDonald’s, get your dose of fake meat and greasy fries, and be on your merry way (only in a perfect world would that exist). Oh wait, it did. Another petition should be started to bring that shit back, it would honestly probably help enrollment and it’s safer than having a bunch of drunk idiots trying to drive to get food.

1.) The Shack:
Believe it or not, The Shack started out as a sandwich cart in the 1920s. Later in the 80s, it was turned into a bar. It was literally a shack, hence the name of the establishment, where people went to relax and get their grub on for cheap. But on Halloween night of 1988, The Shack was burned to the ground, the cause of the fire still undetermined. Spooky (we blame the admins).

Now that you know how fucking cool campus used to be and how much it blows now, are you sitting there thinking, “Am I sure I made the right decision?” Us too friend, but there’s always space for improvement (outside of that done to our athletic facilities). It’s up to Mizzou to make the right ones and bring back happiness for the future generations of freshmen to come. 

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