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4 Reasons Why MPJ Has to Be Annoyed With Little Bro Jontay Porter

Every sibling has that younger sibling that loves following them around, copying them, and doing whatever you happen to be doing. And it is safe to say that Michael Porter has one of those with Jontay being the annoying little copycat brother. Let us at The Black Sheep lay out the proof for you.

4.) Jontay followed Michael to Washington…:
Jontay saw that his older brother got offered a scholarship to play at the University of Washington, and said “Dang, he’s so fri*king cool, I’ll come too!” and decided to commit there as well. Not a big deal, probably just a coincidence anyway.

3.) …and then decommitted, like Michael, to go to Mizzou:
But then, their dad gets fired and then is hired to be the assistant at Mizzou and decides to bring along MPJ with him. Of course Jontay, being the jealous type, sees that their dad is playing favorites, and says “Well, uhh, I wanna come to Mizzou too. That’s where I wanted to go all along, anyway.”

2.) Jontay graduated high school earlier to join Michael at Mizzou:
MPJ and his dad obviously don’t mind; after all, Jontay was still a senior in high school. They would still get at least a year of quality time to bond with just the two of them. Not on Jontay’s watch! He decided to graduate high school over the summer, like a jealous control freak, so he could share his brother with his father for the year. It’s not like they would ever see each other ever again or anything.

1.) Michael declared for the draft…and Jontay declared for draft, too:
Once Michael finally had enough with his annoying little brother and needed some space, he chose to sign an agent and declare for the NBA draft. He just needed to get away from his needy brother who can’t spend more than one year away from him. But who else decides to follow in their big bro’s footsteps? Who else but Jontay “attached to my big brother’s hip” Porter. While he hasn’t signed with an agent just yet, its safe to say he’s at least talked to MPJ about if they could just share an agent. And Jontay is probably talking to NBA teams right now, trying to see if they can make it to an NBA team as a package deal.

Jontay loves his brother, nobody can fault him for that. All we are saying is that doing everything together like this is just a tad bit coming off as needy. Jontay just needs to give Michael a little bit of space, and allow him to be his own person. 

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