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In Loving Memory of Our Dear Dirty Dobbs

Our dear Dirty Dobbs is missed daily among Mizzou students across campus. In loving memory, we ask you to bow your heads and read these words, written in honor of our fallen friend. With this poem, Dobbs’ legacy can live on forever in our hearts. 

It was almost 60 years
Feeding hangry students
Just one swipe was all it took
To get filled with no looks
Now it’s a la carte damnit
Looks like we can no longer cram it

CDS wanted more
But supposedly we’re poor…
Look around
And you’d know
That’s certainly not the case
All we want is to stuff our face

Southwest they call it
But we’re really not about it
It’s only for Greeks?
What about the geeks?
Or the freaks?

We all gotta eat
The new food is weak
Fancy pastas and soups
Macaroons and gelato
Healthy salads…
But burgers and fries too?

The combos are wack
This place does not crack
Windows for walls?
Starbucks like the ones in malls
This place makes us crawl

We all miss the deli
The cheeseburgers
The pasta
The cookies

But now it’s all gone
Now Southwest is the one
Who’s having all the fun

We can never forget
The one who always met
Our Mizzou 22 standards
It’s just not the same
Dirty Dobbs was insane
CDS you’re a mess
We were truly blessed

Dobbs is missed by our stomachs but remembered in our hearts.  It may have been physically replaced, but nothing will ever replace the love we had for this dirty and loyal gem. 


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