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After Friday, Mizzou Student Claims ‘Every Day is 420 For Me, Bro’

For Travis Daniels, 4/20 isn’t really a holiday for him — it’s a lifestyle. Travis is a creative writing major who claims he’s the biggest stoner–“every day is 420 for me, bro”–at Mizzou. We found him at speakers circle with a megaphone and clipboard trying to get signatures for a marijuana petition and wanted to ask him some questions.

When we approached Daniels to ask if he even burns, he responded, “What do you mean do I even burn? I was arrested in Hatch twice my freshman year for smoking! Not many people can claim that to their name. There ain’t anybody here that can take more bong rips than me.”

When asked how he spent 4/20, Daniels said that it “started just as any other day, bro. I woke up, skipped class, rolled a blunt, and watched about three hours of Rick and Morty. After that, I went to smokers circle to show everyone that we’re not about cigs today, none of that cancer shit. Then I ended my day with a few joints, a little Wiz Khalifa, and about 36 cookies from Hot Box.”

Since Daniels claimed that every day is 4/20 for him, we had to see if he had any credibility. A few of his classmates heard about Travis’ claims and were quick to come to us to set the record straight.

“Yeah, I can confirm Travis celebrates 4/20 about every second of the day,” said a fellow classmate. “I don’t remember the last time he’s been to class, and every day he asks for the lecture notes, I’m pretty sick of his shit to be honest.” His classmate seems pretty irritated by Travis’ consistency with smoking the devil’s lettuce, but this also shows he probably spends more time packing bowls than going to class.

One of Travis’ friends, who wanted to remain anonymous, claimed that Travis is secretly a “little bitch” when it comes to smoking weed. “He’s been saying that shit since high school. The kid got high once and now all of a sudden thinks he’s a walking Bob Marley around campus. Anytime I smoke with him he coughs his fucking lungs out, kid barely even burns.”

It’s hard to tell if Travis really is the biggest stoner at Mizzou, considering the different testimonies from his friends and classmates. We do know he will probably be at Mizzou for a few more years, and likely still getting high before exams and class.


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