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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do During Mizzou’s NPHC Rush

Spring semester means probate season for the fraternities and sororities of the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Or, as everyone else on campus knows it as, black Greek life. You thought the events at Copper Beech were lit first semester? Wait until you get texted the addy for these probate after parties. Only thing possible to ruin your fun will be to make a rookie mistake and step outta line, or, in this case, in line without permission.

5.) Don’t dance like them:
If you are seen hopping, doing a shoulder shimmy with bent knees, or whipping your hair until your neck breaks, you can consider yourself a target of choice to get beat up on the dance floor. Every member of the NPHC has their own signature moves and stolls where they form a line and kick their legs up, or stick their tongues out. Although, we doubt a naive student who knows nothing of Greek life would attempt to imitate this—if caught copying any other dance move, your name will be blacklisted for the next couple of years.

4.) Don’t wear their colors:
Kappa (red), Delta (red), AKA (pink and green), Que (camo purple and green) is all off limits to be sported around the Student Center by anyone else other than the members of that Greek org. Period. Now, if a girl is seen wearing Alpha’s black and gold, or a man is seen wearing pink and green, then not a big fuss will be made because, like, sex differences and stuff. It’s simple to tell when a person is being obviously disrespectful when repping a set that’s not theirs (do don’t do it). Be your alter ego for a while a try a new wardrobe until you’ve run out of shit to wear.



3.) Don’t copy their calls:
Each frat and/or sorority has their own calls (such as “Squee Wee”) barks, and hooty hoos. If you even think of copying or even uttering their sacred call, you will get stomped. Just shhh—ailence is not always deadly.

2.) Don’t mimic their hand signals:
Each member of NPHC has their own hand signal. AKA’s put their pinkies up, Alphas do the same but with their thumb, and so on. If you ever so as mimic a NPHC hand signal, we doubt you will have those same fingers by the end of the night. Peace out to ya!

1.) Don’t tell anyone you are interested:
The number one rule when it comes to speaking interest in NPHC Greek life is discretion. When being picked for a specific fraternity or sorority, DON’T let them know (be a tease). As hard as it sounds, it actually makes the process that much easier, and you’ll just be that much cooler. 


If any of these rules are to be broken then you may risk a social life at Mizzou or any other college for that matter. Although the social exile may only last two years, the physical beating you will receive will be engraved in all witnesses for an eternity.


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