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Top 10 Worst Mizzou Professors According to Rate My Professors

Professors can either make or break your semester. Thanks to, a lot of Mizzou students are able to kiss the days of shitty teachers goodbye. We at The Black Sheep did the dirty work for all of you and researched the worst professors at Mizzou so you never have to scroll to the bottom of a 2,000+ list ever (seriously, you’re welcome, this was a pain in the ass). So here you have it, the top ten worst professors at Mizzou.

10.) Chencheng Fu:

Not only is she a TA, she’s a shitty TA! Hello recipe for disaster. Let’s be honest, TA’s are only teacher’s assistants because they have to be and most of the time it’s obvious they’re being forced into it. F-U, Fu!

9.) Ashley Isby:

Mademoiselle Isby teaches sociology. EW! Apparently, according to her single review, she “grades attendance and had students do “financial planning” in sociology class. Pure anarchy!

8.) Victoria Moss:
All you need to know about this one is that she’s a “phone nazi.” You see, there are people who don’t like phones in class and then there are phone nazis. And a phone nazi… well…. you don’t want to fuck with one of those. Victoria, do you want people to hate you? (We think yes).

7.) Eric Rowse:
Rowse, you teach philosophy. Get over yourself! You are not Ghandi. You’re not Aristotle. There’s no reason why your lectures have to be “torture.” Pick up the slack, Rowse! No one enjoys learning Philosophy!

6.) Arianna Soldati:
A one-credit class about volcanos? A professor that rambles on and on about rocks? Count us out. A class about volcanos (aka the Earth’s boobs) should not be a struggle. Get real Soldati.

5.) Philip Zema:
Another philosophy professor who thinks he’s a guru. Where does this misery end? Apparently, this philosophy prophet wannabe can’t even “explain his logic and reasoning” in class. Ugh, we don’t even have another insult for Philip. Do better man.

4.) Teah Hairston:
Ok, this bro is in the sociology department too. Either all you guys hate sociology or you need to smoke some weed before class to really get in the higher power, existential mindset. To be honest, this class doesn’t even sound like the worst because the reviewer “got an A with no explanation.” Not such a bad deal if you ask us.

3.) Christopher Blume:
Take a class with Christopher Blume, and you’ll meet your doom! His single review straight up says “do not take this class!” We say definitely take that advice and spare yourself some hair-pulling study sessions.

2.) Ming Xin:
Ming teaches Computing Methods. Ok, if you are taking this class in the first place you need to reevaluate your priorities (or major entirely). Honestly, it’s your own fault if you find yourself in this shit of a class.

1.) Adriana Boersner:
The worst of the worst. How did you get here, Adriana? What has your life been? We have questions and she has the answers. How do you find yourself at the bottom of a 2,000+ list of professors? That is a new low if you ask us.

What’s the lesson here? What did we learn? How about this–shitty professors equal a shitty life so do your research before you enroll and find yourself smashing your head with a $200 textbook you can’t return and quiz on Monday. Hopefully, you thought this list was helpful. If not, congratulations you just wasted 3 minutes of your life.

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